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Kelly Monaghan

Kelly Monaghan, General Photography Editor

Kelly is a senior at Coppell High School and the General Photography Editor of the Sidekick. She is an expected diploma candidate in the International Baccalaureate program. Her goal is to attend an international school or study abroad in order to study International Business.

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Coppell High School junior midfielder Asa Robicheaux, senior winger Nick Taylor, junior forward Francisco Redondo, junior forward Wyatt Priest and junior midfielder Bennett Hunter (left to right) celebrate the first goal of Friday night’s match against Lakeview Centennial. The Cowboys defeated Lakeview Centennial, 4-1, in the Class 6A Region II bi-district match held at Highland Park High School.

Week of 3/27/17

March 27, 2017
(2/2) “‘You change your hair like everyday. Why don’t you just keep it one style?’ ‘I don’t like the way you did your hair today, I kind of liked it better straight.’
Coming from a family where people perm their hair all the time and for me to shave off all my hair so I can have my own hair, just for [people] to say that- it really makes me feel ugly. It’s a huge choice. As a black person, the amount of times I’ve felt ugly in my lifetime- it’s just made me less. There are so many times when you just feel so downright ugly. And it's because of how people just want to be completely ignorant on how we have to carry ourselves and have to have a certain look about ourselves. It’s just that people don’t understand that and they need to start understanding that. It’s our culture. We wear it to protect our hair; it’s a hairstyle. But from that it’s evolved into ways that we’ve found to make it look fashionable, to make it look good for us.
I’ve had my natural hair out since November, and the amount of times that I walk into some of my periods and people touch my hair - I mean, they just want to keep touching my hair. Wearing your natural hair out is good, but sometimes, you get these uncomfortable questions. And they’re kind of offensive.
I don’t care about your preference about my hair. My hair is my hair. It’s a different texture from yours completely - you can not tell me what to do with my hair. It takes me an hour to do this, and then you have the nerve to call it ugly. I’ll never forget the day this girl said my hair looked like a bird’s nest. They think it looks crazy because it’s not all sleek and straight.
But to me, right now, my hair is very tame. It’s actually doing what it’s kind of supposed to do. And I’m actually kind of happy with it.”
- Tiffany Adedayo, senior


February 16, 2017
(1/2) “I went to Walmart at night with my dad one day. And then we were getting down from the car and we were on our way walking, and this white truck whizzed past us and [the people inside] shouted, ‘You ******* ******!’ This was in the summer when all those shootings were happening and the time was tense in this area. And I was scared. So many threats were going on. It was like a race-war going on. I was really scared. The thing about it is that me and my dad just ignored it. I would never get over how it happened. I was scared and I looked after the truck when it was going back. And I was like, ‘Are they going to start shooting me? Are they going to stop and get down?’ I was waiting for something to happen, but I kept walking and my dad just acted like nothing happened. And so I was just like ‘I’m going to keep quiet about it too. It never happened.’ And we just walked into the car. I was really about to cry. It seemed like I was acting fine and stuff- but I was, like, shaking. And I started scrambling for my phone, thinking ‘Who can I call?’ So I texted my friend Jennifer about it and she replied really quickly. I was just typing paragraphs; I was like ‘Jennifer, do you know what just happened? I don’t know what to do.’ Because I’d never had something like that happen to me. It was the first time I experienced this. I’ve never felt so much anger. I was just tired of it. I don’t want to deal with this. I really don’t.
[Black History Month] is a good thing to have for us. But for things like with the election that just happened, with Trump being in the White House and everything, we need more than that. We need a whole change. Black History Month is happening right now, but no one is really paying attention to it. People are too wrapped up in what is going on in the government. This is just passing time; it’s like we’re ignoring it. It doesn’t seem to matter right now. People of other races sometimes make fun of it. They just demean it. And it hurts. All this hurts.”
-Tiffany Adedayo, Senior


February 16, 2017
Coppell High School junior Sangjun Lee watches planes depart from and arrive at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport from DFW Founders’ Plaza. Lee has been interested in becoming a pilot from a young age due to his grandfather’s experience in the Vietnam War living behind the air base. He was able to run simulations of flying planes as a kid and has continued his interest by spending time researching planes.

Week of 2/6/17

February 7, 2017
Coppell High School senior running back and safety Joe Fex runs by Jesuit Dallas defense in the Cowboys’ 41-10 defeat to Jesuit on Friday night at Postell Stadium. Fex scored Coppell’s only touchdown during the third quarter after being out due to injury since Coppell’s first game.


September 25, 2016
Jesuit Dallas junior running back Hank Clements evades Coppell High School junior linebacker Thomas Edwards in Coppell’s 41-10 defeat to Jesuit on Friday night. The Cowboy defense allowed 188 rush yards on the evening at Postell Stadium.


September 25, 2016
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