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More students opting to take dual credit than previous years

October 5, 2016

Last year, Coppell High School student parking left several students frustrated because of the limited available parking spaces. This year, with the end of construction, instead of a decrease in spaces available the school has experienced an increase.


This is due to the recent growth of students opting to take dual credit.


According to CHS data specialist Sherry Brown, there is a 10 percent increase of students taking dual credit every year. This year, 390 students are participating in a dual credit course, while last year the school had 344.


Dual credit allows juniors and seniors to take college level classes, while gaining both high school and college credit concurrently. One can take dual credit online or at one of the two North Lake College campuses in Coppell and Irving.


“I’m taking dual credit this year so I won’t have to repeat classes when I’m in college,” CHS senior Chuk Esedebe said. “This year, I’m taking dual English, Government and Economics. I’m only here until fourth period, then I have North Lake classes twice a week.”


Taking dual credit also provides more flexibility; having classes twice a week with late arrival gives students more time for studying or participating in other activities.


“When I’m not in class, I typically use this time to finish any homework or to attend football and volleyball games,” Esedebe said.


CHS junior Jared Gast is taking dual credit Economics and Government.


This is Gast’s first year, since CHS only allows juniors and seniors to take dual credit. Gast plans on taking dual credit next year as well.


Several students who participate in dual credit do it to gain college credit for free. Instead of paying for the course, Coppell provides the course for free, excluding the textbooks.


“I felt like it would be an easy college credit, a good experience and I get to come to school late,” Gast said.


Dual credit gives high school students a feel for college. Therefore, when students take off for college they know what to expect beforehand.


“Dual credit program is an excellent opportunity for students that I will encourage my daughter to sign up when she is old enough,” North Lake College english  Professor Hillary Gallego said. “I wish there wasn’t such a stigma attached to community college courses because they are truly more beneficial, in my opinion, than simply taking advanced courses in high school because the students are provided a free kind-of transition into a bigger college environment.”


AP classes are wonderful opportunity, however, unless you take the AP test and pass you will not receive college credit. With dual credit, as long as you pass the course you will receive credit.
Coppell High School offers several classes for students to take. CHS also allows for students to take all of their classes at North Lake, if one chooses too.


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