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Many people become caught in the cycle of constantly working and rushing through life. The Sidekick executive editor-in-chief Sally Parampottil conveys how people should take time to step back and exist in the present.

Letter From the Editor: Ut avertam oculos meos ad intendum (with video)

Sally Parampottil, Executive Editor-in-Chief April 2, 2021

On Feb. 14, the day before the historic winter storm sparked power outages across the state, I laid on my back in the snow in my front yard, stared up at the sky and watched the flakes fall.  Supine...

Entering the fourth nine weeks, many students have returned to in-person learning at Coppell High School. The Sidekick executive editor-in-chief Sally Parampottil describes her first week back.

The Local Mind: Return to campus marked by structure

Sally Parampottil, Executive Editor-in-Chief March 29, 2021

After a semester and a half of doing school from a desk in my parents’ bedroom, I finally made the switch to in-person learning for the last quarter of the school year. It was a good thing my fifth period...

Girls’ expectations for themselves can often be skewed by social media and the internet, being pressured to fit society's desired projections. The Sidekick executive editorial page editor Camila Villarreal describes what it is like to be a “big girl” and how girls should feel proud of their body, regardless of fitting societal norms.

The heavy burden of being a “big girl”

Camila Villarreal, Executive Editorial Page Editor March 12, 2021

In the fifth grade, I told a girl, awe-struck, that I was jealous of how skinny she was. She turned to me, looked me up and down and said, “Yeah, and you’re… Well, look at you.”  In the sixth...

Kamala Harris is the United States’ 49th Vice President, as well as the first woman, African American, and South Asian American vice president. The Sidekick staff writer Yasemin Ragland expresses how it feels as a Black girl, having Kamala Harris be inaugurated into the White House.

Harris making path for young Black women

Yasemin Ragland, Staff Writer March 11, 2021

I was 5 years old when Barack Obama became the 44th president on Jan. 20, 2009. I was more than happy for there to be a Black president because Black Americans have been in this country for over 400 years,...

The Sidekick social media manager Blanche Harris manages posting content on Instagram and Twitter. For Scholastic Journalism Week, Harris shows how her love of journalism merges with social media.

#SJW2021: Security in social media

Blanche Harris, Social Media Manager February 28, 2021

Junior year. Here we go. My fifth period class is Sidekick, the school newspaper. Am I going to like it? What would I even do on a newspaper? I went into my journalism class having no idea what to do....

The Sidekick 2020-21 leadership team has adapted and continues to persevere through the challenges of this school year. For Scholastic Journalism Week, The Sidekick executive editor-in-chief Sally Parampottil highlights journalistic leadership, not just through her fellow editors, but in the other staffers who will carry the program once the current leadership team graduates.

#SJW2021: Finding leadership virtually everywhere

Sally Parampottil, Executive Editor-in-Chief February 27, 2021

Dear future incoming Sidekick staffers,  Hi, I’m the editor-in-chief that got stuck in the school year cursed with COVID-19. Well - COVID, a presidential election, a second impeachment, capitol riots,...

In celebration of Student Press Freedom Day, The Sidekick advertising and circulation manager Trisha Atluri delves into the world of student journalism with her experiences as a writer, photographer and designer. Atluri highlights the importance of student newspapers during unprecedented times.

#SJW2021: An oasis amidst desert

Trisha Atluri, Advertising/Circulation Manager February 26, 2021

Currently, there are more than 13,000 students enrolled in Coppell ISD. 13,000 stories to tell and one newspaper staff to tell them. As news deserts across the country grow, local journalism is left...

2020 was a year that most people would like to forget, but heading into the new year, change is on the horizon. The Sidekick executive editor-in-chief Sally Parampottil addresses the feeling of aspiration coming into 2021, a year to be filled with hope.

Letter From the Editor: Aegroto dum anima est, spes est

Sally Parampottil, Executive Editor-in-Chief February 17, 2021

Some movie moments are so powerful they send chills down my spine.  A feathery-haired Luke Skywalker standing on the planet Tatooine, gazing up at two suns setting in the distance, is one of them....

Coppell ISD announced in-person graduation will be held for the class of 2021 on May 28 at Buddy Echols Field. The Sidekick executive editor-in-chief Sally Parampottil finds the new location for graduation exciting, as it holds more personal memories.

The Local Mind: Concluding where it all began

Sally Parampottil, Executive Editor-in-Chief February 10, 2021

When Coppell ISD announced our in-person graduation would be May 28 at Buddy Echols Field, I was nothing less than elated.  It may not seem as glamorous as the standard University of North Texas Coliseum,...

New Tech High @ Coppell senior Rocio Arguello mimics “The Great Gatsby” movie cover. The Sidekick executive editor-in-chief Sally Parampottil argues the American Dream still exists in the form of equality, freedom and justice, instead of solely financial success. Photo illustration by Lilly Gorman and Samantha Freeman

Opinion: “Tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther”

Sally Parampottil, Executive Editor-in-Chief January 22, 2021

In a sociology class the summer after my sophomore year, I learned the American Dream was dead.  Not explicitly, not definitively, but through a series of statistics and case studies of individuals...

2020 has been an eventful year particularly because of the coronavirus pandemic, which has caused major life changes for everyone. The Sidekick executive news editor Shivi Sharma reflects on her experiences writing and being a journalist this year and looks forward to 2021.

2020: Concluding year of writing through writing

Shivi Sharma, Executive News Editor December 18, 2020

Blissfully quiet, early morning walks to school while sipping tea. Standing on a chair and updating the section whiteboard in the back of the newsroom. Conversations on sun-drenched afternoons that flow...

As much as trying to stay positive during these uncertain times is important, it may not always come easy. The Sidekick executive editor-in-chief Sally Parampottil expresses how accepting that not everything will be good in 2020 may be what is best for us.

Letter From the Editor: Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit (with video)

Sally Parampottil, Executive Editor-in-Chief December 18, 2020

I didn’t make my senior overalls over the summer.  I thought if I did, I would be unhappy, because it would be a constant reminder of the fact I wasn’t going to school in person. They would just...

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