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COVID-19 has taken away many aspects of everyday life, but the one thing the pandemic can’t take away is laughter. The Sidekick staff designer Rachel Chang expresses gratitude for the special moments of laughter that make her day.

Giving thanks: Connection through laughter

Rachel Chang, Staff Designer November 20, 2021

Every year around this time, I’m asked the same inevitable question: “What are you thankful for this year?”My answer is always standard: friends, family, health. This year, I made it a goal to...

The Coppell Nature Park harkens The Sidekick senior daily news/assignment editor Anjali Vishwanath back to her childhood in Westford, Mass. Photo illustration by Ashley Qian

Giving thanks: The turkeys next door

Anjali Vishwanath, Daily News/Assignment Editor November 19, 2021

Dear Phasianidae (wild turkey) family, I must begin by apologizing sincerely for not writing until now. I understand that the three years it took me to write was a lifetime to you, but please know that...

Giving thanks: From point A to point B

Giving thanks: From point A to point B

Shreya Ravi, Staff Photographer November 18, 2021

I know saying “this year, I am thankful for my car” sounds materialistic and superficial. But those who know me will inevitably know my car: a Grey 2006 Honda CR-V EX. It’s a clunky car that...

For many, music plays a large part of their daily life, no matter the format it’s consumed in. For The Sidekick staff writer Saniya Koppikar, music eases anxiety through times of stress.

Giving thanks: To my earbuds

Saniya Koppikar, Staff Writer November 18, 2021

In light of the Thanksgiving season, I think it is fitting to honor you.  You, who I never leave the house without. You, who must be so tired of my bad attempts to wrap you up nicely so you don’t...

A lot of people wake up each morning wishing that they weren’t themselves. However, The Sidekick staff designer Avani Munji is grateful to be herself this year and the journey she’s been on to get to this point. Graphic by Avani Munji

Giving thanks: Thankful to be me

Avani Munji, Staff Designer November 18, 2021

This Thanksgiving, I’m very grateful that I get to be Avani Munji. I’m grateful for the chance to keep growing as a person while simultaneously being OK with the person I am today. It’s been a long...

Many students can relate to the experience of mindlessly reading a textbook without absorbing the information. The Sidekick staff writer Nathan Cheng thinks modern students fail to see the worth in knowledge due to a focus on grades and a desire to perform the bare minimum.

Face the true value of your education

Nathan Cheng, Staff Writer October 19, 2021

Education is important.  That is one statement that seems to be held sacred by those deemed “older and wiser” by society. And as such, it is an idea passed down from older to younger generations....

Various artists have faced scandals and backlash in their careers, but does that degrade their music as well and make it wrongful to listen to them? The Sidekick staff writer Shrayes Gunna thinks an artist’s problematic background shouldn’t prevent a person from listening to what they desire unless the content reflects the problematic stances. Graphic by Minnie Gazawada

Separate the art from the artist

Shrayes Gunna, Staff Writer October 1, 2021

There is one constant within each emotion I process, math problem I laboriously solve and soothing shower I take. There’s a place I visit in my most troubling times that I return to at my highest of...

A standard medical face mask is composed of three layers: a water-repellent layer, a filter layer to prevent germs from entering and a soft, absorbent layer. The Sidekick staff writer Yasemin Ragland encourages people to wear a mask and describes the importance of wearing one. Graphic by Srihari Yechangunja.

Why you should wear a mask, even if you don’t have COVID-19

Yasemin Ragland, Writer October 1, 2021

I have noticed people don’t wear masks to school, or anywhere. Even if they do, they don’t wear them properly. While 83 percent of Americans support wearing masks, only 50 percent actually wear the...

May is Asian American - Pacific Islander Heritage Month.  The Sidekick staff writer Yasemin Ragland (far right) proudly wears a kimono to celebrate her Japanese heritage.

Asian stereotypes, discrimination need to stop

Yasemin Ragland, Staff Writer May 20, 2021

As a young woman who is one quarter Japanese through my mother, it outright infuriates me to see Asians discriminated against, notably women. And this discrimination often comes in the form of stereotypes.  For...

 A common saying when referring to the purchase of products in “No ethical consumption under capitalism.” The Sidekick sports editor Anjali Krishna expands on what is truly ethical in the world of capitalism.

There is ethical consumption under capitalism

Anjali Krishna, Sports Editor May 14, 2021

In a place I go to dodge my other responsibilities, a place I consider a safe haven and a place that often hides me as well as I hide my addiction to it, the phrase “no ethical consumption under capitalism”...

A lot of people have questions they want to find the answers to, such as “When is the pandemic going to end?” or “How can I motivate people?” but they cannot find said answers. The Sidekick editor-in-chief Sally Parampottil thinks people must accept the fact that they don’t know and understand they may never find out or find out later in life as they grow.

Curiosity killed the cat but life threatens to kill curiosity

Sally Parampottil, Executive Editor-in-Chief May 14, 2021

There was once a little girl obsessed with the Disney movie The Little Mermaid. Though lacking in red hair and a tail, Ariel was reflected in her through curiosity: the defining trait of the princess and...

For many high schoolers, issues such as cheating, deadlines and tuition serve as common concerns during senior year. The Sidekick daily news/assignment editor Avani Kashyap discusses her experience with feeling like a hypocrite when it comes to the aforementioned concerns. Graphic by Akhila Gunturu

What happens when a hypocrite recognizes their own hypocrisy?

Avani Kashyap, Daily News/Assignment Editor May 14, 2021

If I had a dollar for every time I looked at my Home Access Center, freaked out over my subpar grades and turned into a math whiz to see what score I needed on the next test to max the class, I would be...

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