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The official student news site of Coppell High School

Coppell Student Media

The official student news site of Coppell High School

Coppell Student Media

The official student news site of Coppell High School

Coppell Student Media

Scholastic Journalism Week celebrates the freedom of press and importance of journalism. The Sidekick CHS9 editor Nyah Rama expresses her gratitude for being able to write about unexplored topics and express herself without fear.

SJW2024: Journalism creating avenue for my self-expression

Nyah Rama, CHS9 Editor February 23, 2024

As I sit here, in my IB Theory of Knowledge class, my hands are pecking at the keys to string together some kind of poignant sentence. I am reminded of why I decided to join The Sidekick. When I was...

Staff writer Yug Talukdar reflects upon his experience in The Sidekick and how his writing has changed because of the program. Talukdar touches on how journalism has helped him grow beyond just developing as a writer.

SJW2024:Journalism helped push me out of my comfort zone, learn new skills

Yug Talukdar, Staff Writer February 23, 2024

In my head, journalism looked like someone typing away by themselves on an old sand green typewriter with a stack of newspapers beside them. To many, this may seem bleak, but to me it was appealing However,...

Many people may not understand what makes toxic relationships so difficult to leave.  The Sidekick CHS9 editor Nyah Rama thinks that what seems like an obvious decision for some, may be difficult for others for a multitude of reasons.

Why I went back

Nyah Rama, CHS9 Editor February 15, 2024

I lay in my bed, paralyzed by my memories. One moment flashes repeatedly in my brain. That one interaction haunts me. Why did they say that? Why didn’t I say anything? Why do I care? Why...

The expanding reliance on technology in everyday life tends to overshadow the simplicity of traditional paper. The Sidekick staff writer Ishana Sharma discusses the transformation of the addition of digital methods and the widespread effect it has had on people.

Paper: My irreplaceable academic companion

Ishana Sharma, Staff Writer February 8, 2024

You are typing away on your laptop, taking notes for an upcoming test.  You decide that you need a quick break, conveniently switching tabs to a BuzzFeed quiz. After discovering which TV show character...

The Sidekick’s editor Aliza Abidi illuminates her internal struggle of spelling basic words despite having English as her strongest subject. Her disadvantage of spelling does not cease her from disregarding her passion for writing. Photo Illustration by Katie Park

Embracing irony behind misspelled literature

Aliza Abidi, Editorial Page Editor January 25, 2024

The letters h and w.  My pencil slowed down as I disputed between wow and how, pronouncing each internally. The h and w look and sound incredibly different, but at that moment, I was overcome with...

The Sidekick editor-in-chief Sri Achanta reflects on the importance of analysis after realizing the amount of conscious decisions she makes when filming events on her digital camera. Achanta appreciates the thorough examination of stories in her IB English class.

Letter from the editor: Everything is intentional

Sri Achanta, Executive Editor-in-Chief December 12, 2023

In IB English, we are learning how to write our Paper 2 essays. The premise is to ensure that we, as readers, understand how to properly analyze the content in our books. But this analysis part always...

The Sidekick staff writer Niharika Tallapaka defines her brother, Nihant, as her best friend and a great role model. She details how her brother leaving for college affected her as she grew up and their bond with one another.

Siblings in flight: From nest to skies

Niharika Tallapaka, Staff Writer December 7, 2023

I still remember the time we dropped my brother off at UT Austin. My mom was holding back her tears when it was time for us to leave. My dad ran in and out of my brother’s dorms, so he wouldn’t...

The sales tax on feminine hygiene products was lifted in Texas on Sept. 1  through Senate Bill 379.  The Sidekick editorial page editor Aliza Abidi thinks the lift of Senate Bill 379 should lead to more acceptance and normalization of menstruation in society.

Equal flow: ‘Tampon Tax’ removal lifts menstrual inequality

Aliza Abidi, Editorial Page Editor December 6, 2023

6.25 percent.  Until Sept. 1, 2023, there was an extra 6.25 percent tax in Texas for menstrual products. For every woman, every few weeks, everywhere, a healthcare product was taxed, regardless of...

The cancellation of the AP Psychology course in Florida has left students and educators pondering the repercussions of this decision. The Sidekick staff writer Yug Talukdar thinks the banning of such courses raises concerns about the impact on students’ academic opportunities and the future of education.

Classroom content should not be driven by votes

Yug Talukdar, Staff Writer December 5, 2023

Between the bustling hallways, tests and quizzes, I cannot say I have always loved school.  However, the rigor school provides is crucial in developing a better society, and school is an environment...

The Sidekick staff writer Sanghika Pallela gives thanks to scientific fiction classics such as Interstellar. Pallela is appreciative of the joy science fiction media provides. (Kayla Nguyen)

My voyage through science fiction films

Sanghika Pallela, Staff Writer December 1, 2023

“I’ll be back,” the Terminator ominously said in his cold, robotic voice before ramming his car into the building. This scene is an imprinted memory that stands out in my recollection. I replayed...

Labeling people based on their sexuality has created unfair judgments about many people in  our society. The Sidekick CHS9 editor Nyah Rama thinks sexuality should not be placed in stereotypical categories since it creates unfair ideas about the LGBTQ+ community.

My kind of queer

Nyah Rama, CHS9 Editor November 17, 2023

Broad shoulders, short hair, deep voices, flannel shirts, jeans and timberland boots.  These are all what comes to mind when you hear the word ‘lesbian,’ but why? No lesbian I have ever met or...

The Sidekick staff writer Neha Nathwani ponders the difficulties of meeting her family. Nathwani talks about why she can’t help but miss her extended family on Thanksgiving day.

A Thanksgiving miles apart, close at heart

Neha Nathwani, Staff Writer November 17, 2023

Amidst a buzzing household stands a wooden table meticulously embellished with centerpiece candles, sterling silverware and most notably, a Thanksgiving turkey.  Every year families reunite, coming...

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