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The official student news site of Coppell High School

Coppell Student Media

The official student news site of Coppell High School

Coppell Student Media

Coppell High School junior Varsha Vijay has served as the Coppell Choir secretary for the past two years and is a member of A Capella Mixed Choir. Vijay is in her seventh year of choir and further pursues her passions by being a part of the Dallas Symphony Children’s Chorus.

Vijay’s musical journey from classical Carnatic to choir cadences

Rhea Choudhary, Staff Writer May 7, 2024

Walking out of her choir audition, among the chaos and chatter of other students’ voices, Coppell High School junior Varsha Vijay sighs with the weight lifted off her shoulders, thinking, “I gave it...

Coppell senior Raghav Hosalli has spent the past four years of high school dedicating their all to Coppell Choir. Hosalli has left an impact on the students and directors within the program.

Coincidence to crescendo

Niharika Tallapaka, Staff Writer May 6, 2024

Discovering a passion for something that would eventually create years of memories and experiences isn’t the easiest thing. Passions and finding your own talents can take years and some people don’t...

Coppell High School senior Divya Ghanta has been involved in choir for five years, displaying her dedication and passion to the arts. Apart from being in various Coppell Choir ensembles including Madrigals and A Cappella, Ghanta has also made many outside of school ensembles such as the 2023-24 TMEA All-State Treble Choir and the Children’s Chorus of Greater Dallas. Photo by Rhea Chowdhary.

Chasing high notes

Niharika Tallapaka, Staff Writer February 9, 2024

As the soft stage lights hit the stage in the Coppell High School Auditorium, an angelic voice hits the air. The audience members sit in awe, watching her sing with a face filled with expression and effortless...

Coppell senior Divya Ghanta and junior Sweetie Ansah act as Sofia and The Minstrel during the Madrigals Feast. Coppell Choir hosted the 29th annual Madrigals Feast at the CHS Commons on Friday and Saturday.

Madrigal Choir embodies medieval spirit for 29th annual Madrigal Feast

Riya Prasad and Deepika Kumar December 14, 2023

Hear ye, Hear ye! Coppell High School Madrigal Choir’s production of “Follow Me in Merry Measure” was brought to life at the Madrigals Feast on Friday and Saturday. The CHS Commons took on a medieval...

New Tech High @ Coppell senior Preston Johnson serves as Coppell Choir Madrigals King. Johnson has been devoting time to practice music for five years and plans to continue through an education at University of Texas at Arlington.

Music in his veins, Johnson spreading his love for song

Ainsley Dwyer, Entertainment editor December 7, 2023

Nimble fingers move up and down the key. The music flows without any hesitation suggesting the player has been playing for years. True to the style of jazz, the tunes are guided by the soul. The music...

Coppell High School senior Ana Jesayen serves as Coppell Choir vice president, Vivace! dance captain and Madrigals Queen. Jesayen is in her seventh year of choir and uses singing to tell her story.

Jesayen ignites emotion one song at a time

Anvita Bondada, Staff Writer December 6, 2023

In church, a 1-year-old is unable to stop crying from the overstimulation of the vast environment around her. Her mother sings softly in her ear, pacifying her restless screams, as she allows herself to...

Vivace! concludes its performance by striking a pose during “Come Sail Away” by Styx at the CHS Auditorium on April 30. Vivace! has its first performance being recognized as a show choir on Friday and Saturday in the CHS Auditorium

Vivace! ready to bring thunder to year’s first show

Ainsley Dwyer, Entertainment editor November 2, 2023

On a cold Friday night in Coppell, the Coppell High School show choir Vivace! performs the songs they’ve been rehearsing for weeks in the CHS Auditorium. Their smooth dancing is paired with the skill...

Coppell High School Choir president, senior Mihira Kada, sings “Sleep” by Eric Whitacre at the Spring Choir Concert on Tuesday in the CHS auditorium. Senior Mihira Kada has finished her high school choir journey and hopes to continue pursuing her passion for singing as she goes to college.

Kada takes her final bow

Rhea Choudhary, Staff Writer April 24, 2023

Fifth grade is where it all began for Coppell High School senior Choir president Mihira Kada. From Kada nervously stepping onto the stage in her first show at Valley Ranch Elementary school, to strongly...

Highlighting Musicians: Jesayen channels Bollywood, carnatic singing in choir

Highlighting Musicians: Jesayen channels Bollywood, carnatic singing in choir

Aliya Zakir, Convergence Editor December 15, 2022

With her passion for singing stemming from childhood visits to church, Coppell High School junior Anuncy Jesayen has music notes running through her veins. Making her mark in singing through classical...

CHS9 Choir Director Katherine Conkovich conducts the choir as they sing “Carol of the Bells” in the Coppell High School auditorium during the choir winter concert on Thursday. Conkovich is a new member of the choir staff and works primarily at CHS9 and Coppell Middle School West. Photo by Shreya Ravi

Dedication is a key chord

Rhea Chowdhary, Staff Photographer December 6, 2022

A plethora of words exist in the English language, but there is only one that perfectly sums up CHS9 choir director Katherine Conkovich: dedication. Added to the 2022-23 CHS9 staff prior to the school...

Coppell High School Respira Show Choir performs “Whatever It Takes” by Imagine Dragons during the Respira Show. Respira’s annual fall dessert show, featuring the theme “Whatever It Takes,” was Saturday evening at the Coppell High School Auditorium.

Respira brings out vim, vigor on stage

Sahasra Chakilam, Staff Photographer November 7, 2022

The curtains open, the glowing lights hit the risers, illuminating the stage of the Coppell High School Auditorium. There, stands the faces of Respira, ready to roll and give whatever it takes. Respira,...

Respira members practice their ending pose and formation for a group piece on Tuesday. Respira’s directors and performers are working hard rehearsing during Tech Week for their annual fall show.

Respira’s ready on the risers

Rhea Choudhary, Staff Photographer November 4, 2022

The combination of singing and dancing makes the Respira show choir stand out from the rest. After months of preparation, with planning beginning in June, Coppell High School Choir dives into its “Tech...

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