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  • On Tuesday and Wednesday, Coppell High School sophomores and juniors will trade in their iPads for new devices.
  • On Friday, Coppell Arts Center hosts “Artrageous” at 7:30 p.m.
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The official student news site of Coppell High School

Coppell Student Media

The official student news site of Coppell High School

Coppell Student Media

In a pool of 4,577 Coppell High School graduates from 2019 to 2022, 43 percent went to either Texas A&M, University of Texas at Austin or University of Texas at Dallas. Students mindsets have changed as the trend indicates seniors are leaning towards the same familiar college options.

Make a selection

Sahasra Chakilam and Anvita Bondada February 8, 2024

While eating breakfast, Coppell High School senior Hana Sawaf's face is illuminated by her Macbook screen as she eyes her common application for the University of Texas at Austin, just before pressing...

With more custom built houses and luxury apartments being developed, Coppell’s real estate prices have experienced a dramatic increase in recent years. As a result of the high housing rates, less young families are moving to Coppell and enrollment in Coppell ISD schools has dropped.

Priced out of the playground

Manasa Borra, Staff Designer December 11, 2023

Recess isn't quite what it used to be with fewer kids than ever racing down slides and climbing over monkey bars. As cafeteria tables become increasingly empty, the vacant seats pose one question: where...

Lower attendance rates in Coppell ISD schools are negatively affecting district funding and students academic performance. CISD is in the midst of a 12-week attendance campaign to combat lower attendance rates.

More than a headcount

Sahasra Chakilam and Aliza Abidi November 3, 2023

It's a typical Wednesday morning at Coppell High School and the day of an AP English Literature unit test. CHS English teacher Benjamin Stroud holds 29 test copies. Little more than half his students...

House Bill 100 failed to be approved as lawmakers couldn’t reach a compromise on implementing school vouchers into Texas education. The implementation of school vouchers has been a widely debated topic in Texas over the past few years.

To vouch or not to vouch?

Sri Achanta and Anushree De October 3, 2023

Nine years old.  That is how old Philadelphia resident Anthony Samuels was when he saw his first shootout with his own eyes. But Samuels recalls that the violence did not end there.  “When I...

The fentanyl crisis recently leaked into educational spaces. Coppell High School student resource officers are now training in the use of Narcan, a drug utilized to aid in opioid overdose, in order to protect students from fentanyl and other drug-related crises.

The silent killer

Angelina Liu, Sri Achanta, and Manasa Mohan May 19, 2023

Tracing the swirling letters with a finger on her forearm, Pinkerton Elementary School physical education teacher Colleen Michaelis reminisces on a gift that her late son and Coppell High School alumnus...

On Feb. 13 the Coppell ISD Board of Trustees voted to approve the proposed bond package to be a referendum on the ballot for the May 6 election. The bond package totals $321.511 million and includes renovations to athletic facilities, the addition of fine arts buildings, lifecycle replacements of technology for students and staff and improvements to campus security.

Building for tomorrow

Manasa Mohan and Sri Achanta March 31, 2023

Walking into the Coppell High School Tennis Center, Coppell senior Isabelle Beach breathes a sigh of frustration. Her eyes scanning the disarray of the room, she attempts to find a space to sling her heavy...

Over the last century, artificial intelligence has grown from simply being a topic in fiction storytelling to a rapidly expanding field that impacts many aspects of one’s life. Due to advancements in AI, including the introduction of ChatGPT in November 2022, there have been debates about its impact being positive or negative with regards to education, the workplace and more.

Decrypting the future

Manasa Mohan, Executive Editorial Page Editor February 14, 2023

In the early parts of the 20th century, science fiction introduced the world to the concept of artificial intelligence technology, specifically AI robots. It began with Karel Capek and his science fiction...

For seniors, tuition is a large factor to consider when applying and committing to college. Student loans, scholarships and grants are all feasible ways students can pay for college.

Breaking down college tuition

Manasa Mohan, Executive Editorial Page Editor January 20, 2023

“Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to our school. We’re excited for you to begin your journey with us.”  Coppell High School senior Uma Uppuloori’s heart dropped as she read the email...

In 2021, Texas state representative Matt Krause drafted a list of potentially controversial books that he suggested be banned from libraries across the state, some of which are available to read in the Coppell High School library. Krause created this list as an auxiliary to House Bill 3979, which banned curriculum that discusses any topics of discomfort, including critical race theory.

“We have the right to read”

Manasa Mohan, Angelina Liu, and Sri Achanta December 22, 2022

"Why are we worried a kid's going to read something and form an opinion that people are bad if he's around people who are good?" Coppell High School Principal Laura Springer’s question comes after...

Retaining teachers has been a difficulty that school districts across Texas have faced due to issues of low pay and high workload. Many wonder why money collected from property tax cannot be translated to higher pay for teachers, and the answer is Recapture.

Recapturing the passion for teaching

Angelina Liu, Executive Editor-in-Chief October 11, 2022

The early morning light creeps through large glass windows, illuminating the red and gray paneling of Coppell Middle School West. It is Saturday, but the halls are buzzing with activity.  In response...

Coppell High School Principal Laura Springer has worked in Coppell ISD for 37 years. For her service, she was awarded the Cliff Long Leadership Award on Jan. 29.

“CHS has always been my heart”

Anjali Krishna, Executive Editor-in-Chief February 11, 2022

Coppell High School Principal Laura Springer’s office is messy. It has Coppell shirts strewn over the worn couch and a blinking monitor with emails waiting for replies. Her office phone rings nonstop...

Housing markets change frequently with the change of economic conditions. The housing market in Coppell and the Dallas-Fort Worth area booms as others crash all over the United States.

Everything’s bigger in Texas

Anjali Vishwanath, Daily News/Assignment Editor December 15, 2021

Texas is notorious for breaking the rules; as the only state that was once a country, remnants of that independence remain in the form of Texas flags and pledges in classrooms. Texas doesn’t just break...

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