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Coppell Student Media

The official student news site of Coppell High School

Coppell Student Media

The official student news site of Coppell High School

Coppell Student Media

The Sidekick executive editor-in-chief Sri Achanta discusses her growing interest in memoirs. Achanta applauds the connections she feels toward inspirational authors through their writings and reflects on what her own memoir would look like.

Letter from the editor: The final chapter

Sri Achanta, Executive Editor-in-Chief May 16, 2024

As a true apathetic toward nonfiction novels, memoirs have an unusual way of winning me over.  Each chapter, each new anecdote, recounts the ebbs and flows of an author’s life, touching every...

The Sidekick executive editor-in-chief Sri Achanta recounts her experiences playing instruments. Achanta has learned to play seven instruments, her most recent being the mridangam.

Letter from the editor: Seven instruments, one symphony

Sri Achanta, Editor-in-Chief March 27, 2024

Place a tabla, saxophone, mridangam, piano, guitar, recorder and violin in a room full of musicians and you’ll end up with a septet - a seemingly arbitrary seven-instrument ensemble. Take out the...

The Sidekick executive editor-in-chief Sri Achanta reflects on how dependent she is on other people’s opinions. Achanta, after watching the 2017 Gerwig film Lady Bird decided to start forging her own path without taking other people’s opinions as much into account.

Letter from the editor: Navigating the reel and real

Sri Achanta, Executive Editor-in-Chief February 8, 2024

My movie-watching spree started the first week of January. I secretly created a Letterboxd account to document my journey (which was apparently considered lame), writing a paragraph’s worth of a movie...

The Sidekick editor-in-chief Sri Achanta reflects on the importance of analysis after realizing the amount of conscious decisions she makes when filming events on her digital camera. Achanta appreciates the thorough examination of stories in her IB English class.

Letter from the editor: Everything is intentional

Sri Achanta, Executive Editor-in-Chief December 12, 2023

In IB English, we are learning how to write our Paper 2 essays. The premise is to ensure that we, as readers, understand how to properly analyze the content in our books. But this analysis part always...

The Sidekick executive editor-in-chief Sri Achanta eats a Krispy Krab Roll from Sprouts on Oct. 18. Achanta explains how her journey as a pescatarian for the past four years has helped shape her personal destiny.

Letter from the editor: It’s been four fishy years

Sri Achanta, Executive Editor-in-Chief November 3, 2023

I was 13 when I became a self-proclaimed pescatarian.  But I swear I’m not a meat hater. I often think back to the good old days, when I would eat the classic McDonald’s spicy McChicken on my way...

The Sidekick executive editor-in-chief Sri Achanta encourages students to stick with things they may not love. Throughout her years on The Sidekick, Achanta has grown from being apathetic towards writing to embracing it.

Letter from the editor: Embrace the things you don’t love

Sri Achanta, Executive Editor-in-Chief September 28, 2023

I live a life of irony.  I sit here and write, or rather type this letter, but I’ve always been apathetic towards writing. My words just don’t flow as eloquently as I would like.  I understand...

The Sidekick editor-in-chief Angelina Liu wears cowgirl boots from Cavendar’s Boot City on Main Street in Grapevine. A chronic overthinker, Liu explains her journey through high school and why she thinks everything works out in the end.

Letter from the editor: In due time

Angelina Liu, Executive Editor-in-Chief May 19, 2023

Touching the blazing hot window pane, I slumped down in my seat in dejection. After two days of driving, we had finally reached the dusty, flat state of Texas.  I wanted to continue fourth grade at...

The Sidekick executive editor-in-chief has many photo albums in her home. Liu thinks physical memories are one of the most important things one can possess.

Letter from the Editor: I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of you

Angelina Liu, Executive Editor-in-Chief February 10, 2023

Neatly organized in the left-hand corner of a storage closet in my home, there is a collection of photo albums. The newer albums that contain pictures of me are big, green and bulky while photos taken...

The Sidekick executive editor-in-chief Angelina Liu has continuously dyed her hair red for the past year. Liu writes about how the color contributes to her new outlook on life.

Letter from the Editor: Struggles of an artificial redhead

Angelina Liu, Executive Editor-in-Chief January 17, 2023

The pungent smell of dye wafts to my nose in the slightly humid, locked guest bathroom. Red color is deposited across my forehead, on my arms and the back of my neck.  I stretch my arms and neck out,...

The Sidekick executive editor-in-chief Angelina Liu watches a horror movie, constantly on the edge of her seat in her media room on Oct. 26. Liu writes about how she often partakes in various acts that seem exciting in the moment despite the long-term implications.

Letter from the Editor: Unpredictability is motivation

Angelina Liu, Executive Editor-in-Chief November 4, 2022

The epitome of beauty can be described as Michelle Pfeiffer, specifically her character Elvira Hancock in the 1983 film Scarface. Her perfectly shaped eyes, slender cheekbones and sharp jawline immediately...

The Sidekick executive editor-in-chief Angelina Liu often goes on long road trips with her family. Liu writes about how her curiosity is piqued by various, random things she sees along the way during these trips, and how her curiosity eventually led her to The Sidekick.

Letter from the Editor: The road leads home

Angelina Liu, Editor-in-chief September 29, 2022

I sat up groggy in the back of the dark gray sedan and checked the time since we left home. My headphones felt slimy over my ears as Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” repeated itself for the fifth time.  I...

The Sidekick executive editor-in-chief Anjali Krishna is graduating, leaving her unsure how to perfectly wrap-up her senior year. Krishna writes about her favorite endings to books, songs and TV shows, tying them into her life as she works on finding her own ending to high school.

Letter from the Editor: The perfect ending

Anjali Krishna, Executive Editor-in-Chief May 11, 2022

My favorite things are almost always endings: the last 30 pages of The Goldfinch, the outro of Phoebe Bridgers’ “Moon Song,” the reluctant closing scene of La La Land. I think it’s because of...

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