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Rain: the sign of balance, not despair

Executive enterprise editor Shreya Beldona believes rain should be viewed as a positive despite its negative connotations. Beldona argues that rain is more than mundane weather; it is a source of strength for the day.

Shreya Beldona, Executive enterprise editor

October 15, 2020

As soon as I wake up, before I even open my eyes, I can feel it.  My room, lacking proper insulation, is colder than normal. When I open my eyes, the sunlight no longer streams into my room through the blinds. Instead, there are dark clouds outside. In that moment, I hope that the dark skies above ...

The long lost art of reading

The Sidekick communications manager Sreeja Mudumby grew up loving to read books which capture her imagination. However, like many others they reach high school, Mudumby now does not have the time for leisurely reading and has to settle for required reading for school, which she often finds monotonous.

Sreeja Mudumby, Communications Manager

October 13, 2020

Do you remember the feeling of sitting next to the fireplace, wrapped up in a blanket with a mug of hot cocoa, while the thick, white pages of a book lure you into a fantasy? Yeah, me neither. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been a bookworm. Magic Tree House? You bet. Harry Potter? Bee...

Mother Nature finds time to shine during COVID-19

Coppell High School traffic intensifies after school on Sept. 30. The environmental benefits of COVID-19 are being reversed as school and work starts.

Drishti Gupta, Staff Writer

October 9, 2020

As Dallas County now nears 80,000 COVID-19 cases, many Coppell High School students are starting to question whether the virus will ever disappear. The virus has taken the lives of more than a thousand individuals in Dallas County, has imposed drastic restrictions on going out in public and has temporari...

Letter From the Editor: Per angusta ad augusta (with video)

Since March, many staffers have not set foot in The Sidekick classroom, D115. The Sidekick executive editor-in-chief Sally Parampottil expresses what she misses about the room and how she feels about the upcoming publishing year without it.

Sally Parampottil, Executive Editor-in-Chief

October 2, 2020

When I first joined The Sidekick staff as a sophomore, the strangest quirk was how other staffers referred to the classroom as D115. Sure, sometimes it was the newsroom or the Sidekick room, but it was mainly called D115.  I had never memorized a room number for any of my classes before.  As ...

Editorial: Treat COVID-19 as a resource instead of a curse (with video)

The coronavirus pandemic affects the trajectory of millions of people’s lives across the globe and forces many Americans to stay home and take safety precautions. The Sidekick editorial board argues teenagers should focus on the positive impacts of COVID-19 and treat it as a resource that will improve our identity as a community.

Editorial Board

October 2, 2020

What does not kill you makes you stronger.  While we should take the time to recognize and grieve what we have lost because of COVID-19, we need to shed some light on the situation so we do not drown in negativity. Living through a pandemic can be mentally and physically draining, and as a result, m...

Coppell Observer: Zoom: where reality is a multi-faceted master of mischief

Since the start of the school year, many virtual students have had trouble adjusting to new learning environments. The Sidekick’s CHS9 editor Akhila Gunturu recounts some of her most embarrassing Zoom experiences all rolled into one episode.

Akhila Gunturu, CHS9 Editor

September 29, 2020

Coppell Observer is a humorous column about life as a teenager. Please be warned that any and all sass is due to the writers’ similar situation as adolescents (even though we feel so much older). You, the reader, should not take any of these words to heart. Seriously. If this article makes you laugh, l...

The depression epidemic

The impact of COVID-19 has been much greater due to staying locked indoors for a prolonged amount of time. The Sidekick opinions editor Camila Villarreal analyzes the consequences of prolonged isolation and constant stress since the start of lockdown.

Camila Villarreal, Executive Editorial Page Editor

September 19, 2020

For six months, America has waited for the disaster of COVID-19 to be over. For six months, the steady rhythm of our daily lives has been warped and tampered with. We have locked our doors, closed our windows, and shifted our lives to an alternative state of existence. It goes without saying that no one was prepa...

Disconnected from modern history

Today marks the 19th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. The Sidekick executive editor-in-chief Sally Parampottil feels her perspective on the tragedy is less emotion-based because she did not experience it and resembles more of that felt towards any other pivotal event in American history.

Sally Parampottil, Executive Editor-in-Chief

September 11, 2020

I can’t tell you where I was and what I was doing on Sept. 11, 2001.  I wasn’t born until Sept. 2, 2002.  Because I never experienced life prior to the attacks, I cannot understand the difference of life before and after beyond what I hear or read. The fear and uncertainty that crippled th...

Black lives, anti-racism matters

Protesters gather with signs at Coppell City Hall on June 6.  The Sidekick staff writer Yasemin Ragland hopes for more progress for racial equality.

Yasemin Ragland, Staff Writer

September 9, 2020

Life as a Black person in America can be inspiring and complicated when we look at our shared history and the future. My paternal great grandmother grew up sharecropping—an exploitative form of labor that occurred after slavery ended. My paternal grandfather did not get full rights until he ...

Opinion: A sign of the times

Time is a concept perceived differently by each person. The Sidekick executive editor-in-chief Sally Parampottil explores the phrase, “time is relative,” while commenting on the fact that COVID-19 has made time fly by this year.

Sally Parampottil, Executive Editor-in-Chief

August 27, 2020

With each snip of the scissors, another lock of hair fell to the ground. As nearly six inches of black waves were severed, a small pile formed at my feet. It was my first haircut since May of 2019.  Time is relative. Though measured in standards like hours and days, each person experiences the passage of t...

Coppell Observer: Survival of the summer readers

Many Coppell High School students are unaware of summer reading assignments until the day before the school year starts, causing them to cram. The Sidekick executive editor-in-chief Sally Parampottil discusses the difficulties of summer reading and compares students who insist on reading their novel before school begins and those who do not finish until after.

Sally Parampottil, Executive Editor-in-Chief

August 25, 2020

Coppell Observer is a humorous column about life as a teenager. Please be warned that any and all sass is due to the writers’ similar situation as adolescents (even though we feel so much older). You, the reader, should not take any of these words to heart. Seriously. If this article makes you laugh, l...