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The official student news site of Coppell High School

Coppell Student Media

The official student news site of Coppell High School

Coppell Student Media

The official student news site of Coppell High School

Coppell Student Media

Lana Del Rey’s new album Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd is about her personal struggles expressed through music. Read The Sidekick staff writer Anvita Bondada’s review to learn more about the various unique songs in her newest set of musical masterpieces.

Del Rey cuts deep on Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd

Anvita Bondada, Staff Writer May 1, 2023

Through a long, harrowing tunnel of heartbreak, loss, desperation, love and euphoria, is a dim light at the end, one that singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey struggles to let in. Did you know that there's...

Pop star Taylor Swift came to the Arlington AT&T Stadium as a part of her Eras tour for three nights. The Sidekick executive editorial page editor Manasa Mohan reflects on her experience of attending the concert.

Swift sparkling in Broadway-style concert

Manasa Mohan, Executive Editorial Page Editor April 6, 2023

ARLINGTON - A palpable buzz of anticipation fills the air as thousands of Taylor Swift fans, donned in sparkling outfits and holding handmade friendship bracelets, gather for the concert of a lifetime. As...

Miley Cyrus released her eighth studio album, Endless Summer Vacation, on March 10 with lead single “Flowers” reaching a peak of No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Staff writer Anvita Bondada believes the album fails to showcase Cyrus’s talents and potential.

Cyrus makes primitive return to pop music with Endless Summer Vacation

Anvita Bondada, Staff Writer April 5, 2023

As the woman emerges from the ashes of her fallen home, she takes a long, hard look back on her life and relationships and begins to embrace her individuality and self worth.  Press play on that feeling—this...

Kali Uchis’ Red Moon in Venus sparks emotions and leaves an impact on listeners with its peaceful but all-engrossing sound. The Sidekick staff photographer Sahasra Chakilam writes about her experience with the alluring new album.

Uchis radiates crimson on Red Moon in Venus

Sahasra Chakilam, Staff Photographer March 30, 2023

A red moon is an infrequent occurrence. For the dusty scarlet hue to illuminate in the night sky, and the moon to descend into the umbra of the Earth, the sun, moon and Earth must be in perfect alignment. The...

The Oscars are a display of Hollywood’s best work in the past year, but is also known for its fair share of controversial moments. The Sidekick staff writer Tvisha Jindal reviews this year’s Academy Awards.

Everything Everywhere All At Once makes history at 95th Oscars

Tvisha Jindal, Staff Writer March 22, 2023

2022 was a splendid year for cinema, with massive box office hits like Avatar and Top Gun alongside introspective moments like The Whale and Women Talking. While bets were cast before the Academy Awards,...

The 65th Annual Grammy Awards held on Feb. 5 was home to many accomplishments, with Beyonce becoming the most awarded Grammy artist and Kim Petras making history as the first transgender woman to win a Grammy. The Sidekick staff writer Anvita Bondada takes a critical look at the award show and their winning picks. Graphic by Nrithya Mahesh.

65th annual Grammys stirs up mixing pot of opinions amongst viewers

Anvita Bondada, Staff Writer March 1, 2023

With flashing cameras, star studded red carpets and breathtaking performances, 81 gilded gramophone-shaped trophies wait to be awarded at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles.                                         Several...

Michael B. Jordan stars as Adonis Creed and Jonathan Majors as Damian Anderson in Creed III A Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures film. Photo courtesy Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Anime-inspired stylistic choices, acting heavyweights take Creed franchise to new heights in Creed III

Srihari Yechangunja, Executive Design/Interactive Editor February 27, 2023

Choices, choices, choices. Good ones, bad ones, unexpected ones. Choices define who we are, but it’s the choices that come back to haunt us that land the worst blow. Above all, this theme is what...

Taco Bell is a global fast food chain that has been around for 60 years, yet is one of the few with a separate vegetarian menu. Its vegetarian menu makes Taco Bell more inclusive to people with dietary restrictions and is something other fast food chains should consider.

An ode to Taco Bell

Shreya Ravi, Staff Photographer February 16, 2023

Most people find comfort in McDonald’s cheeseburgers or Chick-Fil-A’s chicken sandwiches with what I’ve heard as “the best dipping sauce on the planet.” But over the years of my development,...

“That ‘90s Show” is a follow up to the highly praised “That ‘70s Show.” The Sidekick staff writer Wendy Le thinks the series is disappointing, failing to meet the standards set by its predecessor.

“That ‘90s Show” misses the groove of its precedent

Wendy Le, Staff Writer February 13, 2023

Please read this with discretion as it will include spoilers. While scrolling through my Netflix queue, I was taken aback to see "That ‘90s Show" appear before me. For years, fans of the original...

SOS released on Dec. 9 by American singer-songwriter SZA. The Sidekick staff writer Nashad Mohamed expresses her thoughts on the album, while reminiscing on her debut album Ctrl.

SZA returns with a sophomore encapsulating how we’re all feeling, SOS

Nashad Mohamed, Staff Writer February 13, 2023

After it was announced that SZA was releasing her studio sophomore album, SOS, after her five-year hiatus, it felt like the whole world was waiting for this moment. Right when 11 p.m. on Dec. 9 hit,...

Exploring the Hidden Gems: Top 4 Asian Restaurants To Visit Around DFW

Exploring the Hidden Gems: Top 4 Asian Restaurants To Visit Around DFW

Wendy Le, Staff Writer January 25, 2023

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YznCeI8PSrA Discovering Asian cuisine in Dallas-Fort Worth can be a daunting task for many. However, the area is home to a diverse range of underrated restaurants offering...

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, the sequel to the widely-acclaimed murder mystery Knives Out, released on Netflix on Dec. 23. The Sidekick staff writer Tvisha Jindal thinks Glass Onion, while having interesting characters, does not have a strong enough plot to offer viewers a compelling whodunnit. Graphic by Srihari Yechangunja.

Glass Onion plot unravels after second glance

Tvisha Jindal, Staff Writer January 23, 2023

Please read this with discretion as it includes spoilers. Hollywood loves shady characters, billionaires and an intriguing plot.  Unfortunately, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, the sequel to...

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