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  • On Tuesday and Wednesday, Coppell High School sophomores and juniors will trade in their iPads for new devices.
  • On Friday, Coppell Arts Center hosts “Artrageous” at 7:30 p.m.
  • TAKE3 performs at Coppell Arts Center on Saturday at 7:30 p.m.
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Coppell Student Media

The official student news site of Coppell High School

Coppell Student Media

The official student news site of Coppell High School

Coppell Student Media

The Talk: Highlighting Black History Month (Part I)

Wendy Le, Podcast Producer February 27, 2024

Black History Month is a yearly commemoration of African American achievements and a pivotal time to acknowledge their essential role in U.S. history. Officially started as a week to honor the achievements...

The Talk: “Here to Stay”: Three Coppell media program stars highlight journalism journey for SJW

Anushree De and Wendy Le February 24, 2024

Each February, journalists and programs across the country celebrate Scholastic Journalism Week in order to highlight journalism's importance in their lives. This year’s theme for SJW is “Here to Stay,”...

The Talk

The Talk: Taylor Swift vs. the NFL

Nyah Rama and Wendy Le February 17, 2024

Hosted by: Nyah Rama Edited by: Wendy Le It is now public knowledge that American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce are in a relationship. Due to this,...

The Talk

The Talk: Remakes and Revivals

Minori Kunte, Sabah Uddin, and Wendy Le February 12, 2024

Hosted by: Minori Kunte, Sabah Uddin Edited by: Wendy Le Ever been excited to see a reboot of your favorite story? Did you end up satisfied, disappointed, or a mix of both?      Remakes...

The Talk

The Talk: Self-Care or Self-Obsession?

Caitlyn Concepcion, Safiya Azam, and Wendy Le February 6, 2024

Hosted by: Safiya Azam, Caitlyn Concepcion Edited by: Wendy Le Self-care is a $9.9 billion industry associated with products, beauty and spending, when in reality, its true meaning is much more...

The Talk

The Talk: Microtrends and Overconsumption at CHS

Nrithya Mahesh, Kavya Lokhande, Ishana Sharma, and Wendy Le January 29, 2024

Hosted by: Kavya Lokhande, Nrithya Mahesh, Ishana Sharma Edited by: Wendy Le More and more these days, Coppell High School students are following online trends, whether it be buying Stanley Tumblers...

The Talk

The Talk: Breaking down the Israel-Hamas war

Safiya Azam, Staff Designer January 18, 2024

Hosted by: Safiya Azam Edited by: Safiya Azam, Wendy Le Since Oct. 7, the Israel-Hamas war has caused approximately 20,000 deaths, almost 1% of Gaza’s 2.2 million population. However, the start...

The Talk: The New Black Friday

Natalia Esquivel and Wendy Le December 11, 2023

Black Friday can be a chaotic day known for its long lines and frantic shoppers. While exceptional deals are still offered at stores, its atmosphere has diminished over the years with the rise of online...

The Talk

The Talk: Home Again with Notable 2012-13 Seniors

Elizabeth De Santiago, Aasritha Yanamala, and Wendy Le December 1, 2023

Hosted by: Aasritha Yanamala, Elizabeth De Santiago Edited by: Wendy Le Ten years is a long time, enough for people to grow into themselves, become an adult and be a part of the real world. For...

The Talk

The Talk: AP vs. IB

Nyah Rama and Wendy Le November 24, 2023

Hosted by: Nyah Rama Edited by: Wendy Le Many students struggle to know the difference between Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses. There are common misconceptions surrounding...

The Talk: Vintage or Antique?

Caitlyn Concepcion, Ainsley Dwyer, and Wendy Le November 17, 2023

The line between what’s considered vintage or just old seems to grow thinner over time, which has led to confusion and overconsumption in effort to remain ahead of the trend. In this episode, The...

The Talk

The Talk: Feminism on TikTok

Neha Nathwani and Wendy Le November 8, 2023

Hosted by: Neha Nathwani, Wendy Le Edited by: Wendy Le Over the years, feminism has evolved with the rise of TikTok. With so many young women on it, the platform has become a space to discuss...

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