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Photo by Mallorie Munoz

What 4 years in D115 has shown me

Gabby Sahm , Staff Writer May 27, 2016

Going into high school I was very confused. I had just spent three years in band playing the flute but had realized that I did not want to continue playing in high school. Since I was not a part of anything...

Graphic by Manu Garikipati

Tattoos do not reflect work ethic

Gabby Sahm, Staff Writer May 20, 2016

I have wanted a tattoo for a very long time, and have always been fascinated with the beauty of them, especially if done properly. I have always felt like I would not be complete if I was not able to have...

TCE set to unveil new herb garden

Gabby Sahm , Staff Writer May 13, 2016

Ever dream of helping out your community by planting a nice community garden? Ever think you could not do that all on your own?   Well, one Coppell High School student wants to prove that you...

Graphic by Austin Troy Banzon

The drinks can wait; keeping the drinking age 21

Gabby Sahm , Staff Writer May 6, 2016

High school is a place where teenagers discover themselves. They try to gain knowledge about what the “real world” is like once they are forced to leave the nest and embark on their college journey....

College Series: How to utilize every inch of your dorm

College Series: How to utilize every inch of your dorm

Gabby Sahm , Staff Writer April 13, 2016

Rachel Buigas-Lopez According to The New York Times, 69.5 percent of the students that go to high school attend college right after graduation or a few years later. Since almost every college requires...

Designer: Manu Garikipati

Malik releases first solo album, proves he has “mind” of his own

Gabby Sahm, Staff Writer March 31, 2016

Exactly one year after he shocked the world by leaving one of the biggest boyband of our generation, One Direction, Zayn Malik has released his first solo album and it is well worth the wait. With 18 songs,...

Senior Jaden Ferguson flashes a smile as she got ready for the Respira Dessert Show last November. After being a part of Coppell High School’s various choirs through the years, Ferguson will attend University of North Texas College of Music in the fall with hopes to continue her passion for singing. Photo by Alexandra Dalton.

Ferguson sings her way to prestigious UNT College of Music

Gabby Sahm, Staff Writer March 24, 2016

With a jazz band previously nominated for six Grammys, the University of North Texas College of Music is a very highly rated musical program. After being a part of Coppell High School’s various choirs...

Graphic by Austin Banzon

Best song remixes to get you hyped during spring break

Gabby Sahm , Staff Writer March 10, 2016

Spring break is fast approaching and that means a week to chill, hang with friends and have a week away from the pressures, homework and routine of school. No matter if you are going on an exoctic vacation...

Graphic by Gabby Sahm

Take a seat, chill out with these acoustic covers of popular songs

Gabby Sahm , Staff Writer February 25, 2016

Being a senior in high school means I know just how stressed out you can get when you have three projects, four assignments and two papers due all in one week. I have learned that one of the best ways...

Graphic by Manu Garikipati

The Art of Respect: Learning not to take everything for granted

Gabby Sahm , Staff Writer February 19, 2016

It is easy to take the smaller things in life for granted. From having a place to call home to simply being able to have a good dinner, people often forget that these things are rare to families in many...

Applying to college; how to avoid the stress

Gabby Sahm, Staff Writer February 4, 2016

I have always been someone who plans everything out. I do not like going into situations without knowing what will happen so I tend to overcompensate by researching everything that I could ever encounter...

Eric Delatorre and fellow Wiccan Olivia Martin Spinner spend time practicing spells outside one afternoon. Photo courtesy of Eric Delatorre

Delatorre finds spiritual outlet through Wiccan practice

Gabby Sahm, Staff Writer January 28, 2016

While casting spells may conjure up images of Harry Potter, for New Tech High School senior Eric Delatorre it has been a way to help him find his spirituality. The practice has become something Delatorre...

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