Best song remixes to get you hyped during spring break


Graphic by Austin Banzon

Gabby Sahm, Staff Writer

Spring break is fast approaching and that means a week to chill, hang with friends and have a week away from the pressures, homework and routine of school. No matter if you are going on an exoctic vacation or just binge-watching Netflix at home, nothing is better than having a playlist of some of your favorite songs to jam out too.


Better yet, listening to some of your favorite songs with a new and crazy spin on them. This list of remixed songs could offer you just that.  


“Often – Kygo Remix” by The Weeknd


The original song may not be as popular as other songs by The Weeknd, but this remix certainly helped that change. Making the tempo much faster helped liven the once slow paced song, and made it into a song that you get up and dance too.


“Six Days – Remix” by DJ Shadow & Mos Def


I discovered this song while watching The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift and instantly fell in love. It is different from all the songs mentioned in this story but in the best way. The lyrics are a bit weird, along with beat, but it definitely a song that will put you in a better mood.  If you look are looking for unique tune to listen to on a long car ride over spring break, this is the song for you.


“Best Day of My Life – Gazzo Remix” by American Authors


I do not really like the original version of this song. When I stumbled across this remix I did not have high hopes but the song surprised me. It ended up becoming one of my favorite songs and the favorite song of some of my friends after I showed it to them. It is the perfect song to listen to at the beach or any fun parties you happen to go to this spring break.  


“Flawless – Remix” by Beyoncé


There is never a time when Beyoncé is not a good artist to play. She expresses an expertise in a variety of genres and this remix just adds to the bunch. The song praises girl power and makes you feel like you can take on anything in the world. The remix ampts that up and makes you feel proud to be a woman.


“The Hills – Remix – Eminem” by The Weeknd


Yes, another remix of a song by The Weeknd, but this one has another popular artist to the mix. “The Hills – Remixes” was released back in 2015 with Eminem and Nicki Minaj, they both having their remixed versions of this song. While both are fantastic, I happen to like Eminem’s version just a bit more. No matter the version, this song will pump you and your friends up over spring break.


“Another Love – Zwette Edit” by Tom Odell
This song, I feel, is a good way to end this story. It is more chill compared to the other remixes so this is a song to listen too when you are chilling, watching the sunset wherever you may be this spring break.