Tattoos do not reflect work ethic


Graphic by Manu Garikipati

Gabby Sahm, Staff Writer

I have wanted a tattoo for a very long time, and have always been fascinated with the beauty of them, especially if done properly. I have always felt like I would not be complete if I was not able to have one to truly express myself. Those who have tattoos that have meaning and sentiment should not be judged or denied by others.


Sadly my parents, along with many other people, do not share the same opinions.


My parents main concern with me getting a tattoo is that they are afraid that I will not be able to go far in my career since many companies see tattoos as unprofessional and as my mother puts it, “trashy.”


It is understandable why companies and businesses might find tattoos unprofessional, since a customer might not take them as seriously. However, that should not be a significant deciding factor – if you have the right credentials for the job, then it should not affect their decision.


People spend years in school studying for their dream job, yet a simple drawing on their arm somehow means more than all of that.


Granted, there are certain situations where the job is more about your appearance so tattoos might not fit in.


But why would you not hire someone for a job based on their physical appearance where the uniform could easily hide the tattoo?


I understand not hiring someone if the tattoo contains profanity. Tattoos are supposed to be art and many people have ruined those tattoos by portraying them in a negative light. It is not fair to those who truly have them for deep meanings when someone gets something stupid tattooed on them for a dare or a drunken mistake.


There are many different ways on covering tattoos but that is not taken into account when employers are looking between a candidate with tattoos and one without.


Long sleeve shirts, a bandage or makeup can easily cover tattoos so customers would not even realize someone had them.


While I appreciate what my parents are trying to do for me, I will still get a tattoo one day. I am not planning on getting anything provocative or with any profanity. It will be a tattoo that I have thought of for many months and will take pride in having for the rest of my life. I will never change myself for the sake of other people’s perceptions.