Take a seat, chill out with these acoustic covers of popular songs


Graphic by Gabby Sahm

Gabby Sahm , Staff Writer

Being a senior in high school means I know just how stressed out you can get when you have three projects, four assignments and two papers due all in one week. I have learned that one of the best ways to relieve this stress and to get focused on everything you need to do is to sit down, listen to some calming music and chill out.


These acoustic covers of popular songs will help with just that, and they might even become some of your favorite songs too.


“Mirrors” by Boyce Avenue (feat. Fifth Harmony)


This has been on my playlist for awhile. I love the original song by Justin Timberlake, so when I found this acoustic cover I had to give it a listen, and I am so glad I did. This song has been a song I go to when I need to focus on my studies or when I really need to take a second and chill out. Boyce Avenue’s soothing voice, mixed with the acapella vocals of Fifth Harmony, make for a great relaxer and an all around great cover.


“Stay With Me” by Angus & Julia Stone


With the orginal song sung by Sam Smith already getting people into their feelings, this cover hits even deeper. With the slow guitar and the angelic voices of Angus and Julia Stone, this is a song you listen to when you need to release your emotions.


“Crazy in Love” by Daniela Andrade


It is hard to find a person these days who does not like Beyonce, and this cover definitely does her smash hit justice. Andrade keeps it upbeat, but also has slow building that just make you think, “Wow this is a good song”. I went to her Spotify page after hearing this song and discovered she does acoustic covers to a lot more popular songs.


“Earned It” by Cameron Bedell and Megan Davies


The Weeknd has grown to be one of my favorite artists and “Earned It” is one of my favorite songs by him, so it is only natural that I love this cover. I had never heard of either Bedell or Davies before this song, but after listening to this, you could say I am a fan of both now. The cover makes me burst out into song and even dance a little – relieving stress – and then I am able to focus.


“Drag Me Down/As Long As You Love Me” by the Gardiner Sisters


From my previous articles, you can see that I have been a fan of One Direction for awhile and have just recently got back into the new Justin Bieber. I was surprised when I came across this cover because I did not expect the two songs to mess well, but I was mistaken. The Gardiner Sisters pull it off very well, and this song has been on repeat since I stumbled across it.


“Free Fallin’” by John Mayer


Out of everything on this list, I saved the best for last. This song is one of my all time favorites, right up there with “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley and “Bohemian Rhapsody” by The Queen. With the original being sung by Tom Petty, Mayer delivers a fun twist, that has me belting the lyrics every time I listen to it.