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Apple’s new iPhones: are they the right buy?

On Sep.15 the iPhone XS was released into the world. The successor to the iPhone X, the high end phone includes dual sim compatibility, a better processor and more advanced photography features.

Akif Abidi, Staff Writer

October 16, 2018

  Last year, Apple took a bold step forward with the iPhone X, which helped in kickstarting the era of the “bezel-less” era, i.e the absence of the front screen edges.   Now, a year later, Apple returned with its all-new iPhone XS and iPhone XR. But the question is, is Appl...

Technology Spotlight: Apple releases new iPhones

Technology Spotlight: Apple releases new iPhones

Akif Abidi, Staff Writer

September 20, 2018

Shriya Vanparia Like the previous years, rumors of a new iPhone model were already roaming the web a few months before the annual Apple Keynote, and there were already pictures and specs circulating the news a few weeks before.   Though there were not many huge jumps expected by Apple, the...

It is time to stop and appreciate technology

October 25, 2011

Coleman Armes Staff Writer Earlier today someone said that the original iPhone was being handed out for free by some phone companies. If that is true or not it does not matter but it sure made me think and appreciate the technology that we have. Think back to 2007 when the first iPhone came...

iGeneration mourns loss of Steve Jobs, creative visionary

iGeneration mourns loss of Steve Jobs, creative visionary

October 10, 2011

Jordan Bickham Staff Writer Everyone has heard of Apple, one of the biggest companies in technology today.  With Macs, iPhone, iPods, and even iPads rampant amongst people of all ages, one does not have to go far to see how Apple has impacted our lives. But Apple didn't begin as one would think,...

iPhone versus Android

October 13, 2010

Zeb White Asst. Business Manager, Staff Writer “Hi, I’m a Mac.” “And I’m a P.C.” If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably seen dozens of these T.V. commercials by Apple. They portray P.C.s as awkward and second-rate, while showing the sleek, friendly features of Macs. However,...

iPad reaches one-million sales

May 4, 2010

By Rebecca Fowler Staff Writer After only being on the market for less than a month, the iPad reached its one-millionth sale yesterday, May 3. This is a huge feat, as it took nearly three months for Apple to sell one-million iPhones when they first appeared.  The enormous amount of iPad sales in such a short amo...

Some iPhone apps are just weird

March 1, 2010

By Wren Culp Staff Writer Having an iPhone, I am big into apps. I love some of the apps that I use, such as “Bloomberg”, “Classics” and even “Urbanspoon”. All are genius applications that help me with my everyday life. But of course, while searching for these apps, I have come across...

iPad: Now or later?

January 29, 2010

By Mike Pankonien Staff Writer It happened. Yesterday, Apple finally officially announced their latest product: the iPad. Essentially a 9 inch by 8 inch iPod touch, the iPad is being sold as a computer that's something more than a smart phone, but slightly less than a laptop. Although hardly...

Traffic Rush is the new Words With Friends

January 15, 2010

I'm not a very big fan of just sitting around and playing iPhone games all day. Occasionally, I will find a game that I really enjoy playing, like Sally's Salon and Words With Friends, but other than that all of my apps are Dictionary, Thesaurus, Dragon Dictation and the boring list goes on and on. So...

Scrabble 3GS

November 19, 2009

Apple has once again outdone themselves. No, there's not a new iPhone, iTouch, iMac or iWhatever out; this is better. I never thought that I would find so much happiness and entertainment out of something that costs $2.99 and can be downloaded in less than 30 seconds. Well, Words With Friends proved...