iPad reaches one-million sales

By Rebecca Fowler
Staff Writer

After only being on the market for less than a month, the iPad reached its one-millionth sale yesterday, May 3.

This is a huge feat, as it took nearly three months for Apple to sell one-million iPhones when they first appeared.  The enormous amount of iPad sales in such a short amount of time shows how people are becoming more and more trusting of Apple’s products.  Skeptical at first about the revolutionary iPhone—which turned out to be a huge success—consumers now realize the reliability of Macintosh products.

Personally, I think the iPad is amazing.  Its sleek style and cool features make it one of a kind in the technology world.  However, I think it could use some updates and will probably be a better buy in a few more years.

But it is undeniable that the iPad will change the face of computers forever.  With the success of the device, other companies will surely take some of its features and apply it to their products.  I would not be surprised if the majority of personal computers become smaller and fully touch-screen within the next ten or twenty years.

It will be exciting to wait and see.