Some iPhone apps are just weird

By Wren Culp

Staff Writer

Having an iPhone, I am big into apps. I love some of the apps that I use, such as “Bloomberg”, “Classics” and even “Urbanspoon”. All are genius applications that help me with my everyday life. But of course, while searching for these apps, I have come across some strange ones. Here are the top five strangest apps I have ever encountered. (Pictures of each at the bottom)

Annoy A Teen ($0.99)

Annoy a teen puts out a high frequency that apparently only a teenager can hear. Most adults have lost their ability to hear this high a frequency.

 iDrunktxt ($0.99) 

This is a disaster waiting to strike. The app basically calls someone on your contact list for you when you’re drunk so you don’t have to decide between your mom and “that one girl”. Someone randomly gets to hear your slurred speech. 

Hold On! ($0.99) 

Maybe the most pointless app ever. You literally see how long you can hold the button. That’s it. But apparently this guy has made money off of it. It’s in the top 200 downloads of iPhone apps. 

 iFart (Free)  

This one is pretty self explanatory. You scroll through the different sounds and pick one you want. Then it displays the farting noise. You can also record your own farts to play over and over again. That is if you have no life. 

Hello Cow ($0.99) 

If you pay for this app, someone should beat you up. Seriously. It’s a picture of a cow that “moos” at you when you touch it. That’s it. Unless you’re a toddler who is easily amused, look for another app.

As you can see, the iPhone store hold some pretty weird apps.

Hold On!
Hello Cow