StumbleUpon is a thing to Stumble Upon

By Allie Perison

For those of you as bored with Twitter and Facebook as I am, I have found a new site that is about more than stalking your peers.

StumbleUpon is catered to finding sites that intrigues internet users. When you first get started on the site, it asks what interests you. With things ranging from broad topics like humor and satire to specifics like linguistics, the site has something for everyone.

 StumbleUpon has led to countless hours of procrastination for me. Some sites give beneficial information like tips for better writing, while others serve as pointless entertainment. One of my favorites was a news website dedicated to reporting on ninja cats.

When you stumble, the site takes you to all different kinds of websites. The websites shown are based on the interests you choose in the beginning of the StumbleUpon user creation.

StumbleUpon differs from other popular websites because it is not geared to track your friends. It is about more than just saying what you think and posting pictures of yourself and friends. StumbleUpon is more about  enlightenment, but even more than just genuine entertainment based on your hobbies.

For those of you interested in checking it out, set up your own StumbleUpon account visit I hope it provides you with countless hours of pointless amusement.