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The official student news site of Coppell High School

Coppell Student Media

The official student news site of Coppell High School

Coppell Student Media

The official student news site of Coppell High School

Coppell Student Media

Facebook users at Coppell High School find ways to protect their online information on their devices. After discovering that Facebook has been collecting personal information and data from their users, both students and staff feel they should take safety precautions when dealing with online media.

On the Spot: Zuckerberg hearing raises privacy concerns, speculation

Christine Zacuai, Staff Writer April 10, 2018

The Congressional hearing of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg concerning the Facebook’s release of personal data to Cambridge Analytica today raises speculation about the security of personal information...

Graphic by Joshua Martin

Finding the value; social media is for bringing people together

April 15, 2015

By Gabby Sahm Staff Writer @gabbysahm It is no shock that we have become a technology driven society. You cannot go anywhere without seeing multiple people on a device, whether it be a smart...

Graphic by Julia Bordonaro

Wait, when did my Facebook status become part of my college admission?

November 14, 2013

By Pranathi Chitta Staff Writer You have probably been warned about how colleges may be monitoring Facebook activity in an attempt to learn more about an applicant. A recent New York Times story titled...

Social media highlights growing political awareness in teens

February 13, 2013

By Michelle Pitcher Editor-in-Chief Amid the tweets about the rumored Free Burrito Day at Chipotle (Feb. 14 if you kiss someone in the restaurant), I saw something rather surprising on my twitter feed....

New Facebook “Graph Search” feature raises questions, concerns

February 5, 2013

By Thomas Hair Opinions Editor Facebook has evolved a lot since the days when it was based out of Mark Zuckerberg's house as a network for college students. With more and more competitors popping up...

Print screen of the Facebook group: Coppell Dog Park.

Dog lovers work their “paws off” for new dog park

November 17, 2012

By Corrina Taylor Staff Writer Video by Keith Kellenberger The City Council room was adorned with seats filled with Coppell citizens wearing grey shirts with green paw prints, eager for the meeting...

Social media and the election

November 7, 2012

By Jay Carroll Staff Writer As of now, almost everyone knows that Barack Obama (D) defeated GOP candidate Mitt Romney to be re-elected as President, to go on with his agenda in the second term of his...

Facebook becoming necessary

November 1, 2012

By Tina Huang Staff Writer Lately, I have found it more and more difficult as a person without Facebook. Activities I am involved have almost made it a necessity. NHS's volunteering opportunities...

Graphic by Brian Hwu.

‘Not everything you enjoy is bad’ Stewart says

November 17, 2011

By Kelly Stewart Opinions Editor I will be honest: whenever I sit down at my computer to check my e-mail or Facebook - my homework is done of course - a part of me feels strangely guilty for wasting...

Aspiring rapper Raymond Hart, commonly known as “Lil Ray”, poses for the camera. Hart released his first album “Relentless” last October and is continuing to release new rap singles every couple of weeks. Photo by Trevor Stiff.

Coppell student quickly developing as a rapper

November 10, 2011

By Seth Slover Staff Writer In a country where musical talent is abundant, it can be difficult for young musicians to succeed.  Coppell junior Raylon Hart knows that, but it is by no means stopping...

Social networking sites such as Facebook are blurring the identities of many people in this generation. Graphic by Brian Hwu

Social networking defining a generation

October 25, 2011

By Seth Slover Staff Writer How many times have you checked Facebook today?  What about Twitter?  Many people in our generation seem to be defined by social networking. Perhaps far too over-hyped...

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