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I live for me, not for you: The toxicity of ridiculing others’ interests

Ridiculing other peoples’ interests can often be more hurtful than one would think. Entertainment editor Anthony Cesario shares his and other Coppell High School students’ experience of being judged for their interests and why they feel it is wrong.

Anthony Cesario, Entertainment Editor

September 14, 2018

I love music. I jam out to multiple albums on my phone every day, keep track of and complain about the Billboard charts (probably too much for my own good) and love talking about music with anyone who will listen.   While I also love hearing others’ opinions on music, what upsets me most i...

StumbleUpon is a thing to Stumble Upon

October 16, 2009

By Allie Perison Editor-in-Chief For those of you as bored with Twitter and Facebook as I am, I have found a new site that is about more than stalking your peers. StumbleUpon is catered to finding sites that intrigues internet users. When you first get started on the site, it asks what interests...