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Coppell High School senior Social Butterflies Club president Jillian Richter writes a letter to the senior citizens of Coppell at Andy Brown Park on Thursday. Letters and other ongoing projects from the club provide the elderly an outlet to avoid loneliness during this pandemic.

#SJW2021: Back to the Featured Part 2: Previously featured students highlighting importance of journalism

Sreeja Mudumby and Shivi Sharma February 26, 2021

During Scholastic Journalism Week, The Sidekick went back and contacted some of the subjects of published stories to get their take on the importance of journalism and the media. Coppell High School...

Coppell High School senior EZ tutor Stephanie Wendt, tutors a client Tuesday after school in the Coppell Public Library. EZ tutor is a student organization that offers tutoring to families in Coppell for low prices as well as with flexible locations.

Making learning easy

Pramika Kadari, Staff Writer October 30, 2017

  An idea to help struggling students while also earning valuable business experience has developed into an expansive tutoring organization: EZ Tutor. EZ Tutor, a student run company, offers tutoring...

Coppell High School sophomore Laura German Do Nascimiento moved from São Paulo, Brazil to Coppell, Texas on Sept. 5th, 2016. Nascimiento has expressed a love for the United States and feels that it has impacted her in a positive way.

Q&A: Nascimiento on her move from Brazil to Coppell

Sofia Guerrero, Staff Writer October 26, 2016

New faces, new experiences and a new country. This is what Laura German Do Nascimiento had to face upon arrival at the United States. Laura is a new sophomore who moved from São Paulo, Brazil to Coppell...

Coppell High School junior Emily Evans works on creating one of her many homemade wooden pens. Evans has been making unique pens since her 16th birthday after receiving a lathe, which is a device that is used to shape wood while being rotated on an axis. Photo courtesy Emily Evans.

Evans wittles more than an ordinary pen

Gracie Blackwell, Staff Writer September 13, 2016

Drilling holes, carving wood and handling brass are just some of the things that you would find Coppell High School junior Emily Evans doing in her free time, in order to make her own handcrafted wooden...

Patterson brings classic cars

Patterson brings classic cars “back from the dead”

Lili Lomas, Staff Writer May 26, 2016

After inheriting a 1966 Ford Mustang, Coppell High School sophomore Joey Patterson has been bringing the 1950s and 60s back to life through his hobby of repairing classic cars.   Six years...

AP teachers give AP advice

AP teachers give AP advice

Grant Spicer, Staff Writer April 22, 2016

When I took Advanced Placement (AP) Art history, I thought that I had the class in the bag. Sure I studied here and there, but I wasn’t doing the reading every night, nor was I always following the syllabus...

Pope Francis arrives for afternoon mass in Juarez, Mexico, on Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016. (Max Faulkner/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/TNS)

Mexican students see positives coming from Pope Francis’ trip to Mexico

February 23, 2016

Although far from the thousands of people who gather to catch a glimpse of Pope Francis on his trip to Mexico, Mexican students at Coppell High School feel the impact of his visit as well.   Ever...

The librarians have much to deal with as clutter piles up on their desks.

How to declutter life the Konmari way

Grant Spicer, Staff Writer February 19, 2016

Every student - well, anyone for that matter - faces a disorganized environment every day, whether it be their binders, bags, closets, rooms or even living spaces. What is worse is you can end up falling...

Coppell High School senior Sierra Latshaw kisses a dolphin during SeaWorld camp at Sea World San Antonio. She has attended an intensive two week course over the summer that trains campers to be counselors at SeaWorld. Photo courtesy Sierra Latshaw.

Latshaw uses passion for animals to spread awareness

Gracie Blackwell, Staff Writer October 21, 2015

Coppell High School senior Sierra Latshaw is a youth advisory council member for SeaWorld and has had a passion for animals ever since she was young. Q: What do you do as a youth council member? A:...

Deaf ASL substitute brings beneficial learning experience

Deaf ASL substitute brings beneficial learning experience

October 20, 2015 By Lili Lomas Staff Writer Only a few weeks into the school year, learners of American Sign Language (ASL) are getting a first hand experience with the...

Some sell hamburgers, some sell knives; working for Vector Marketing is not your typical high school job

Some sell hamburgers, some sell knives; working for Vector Marketing is not your typical high school job

October 2, 2015

Coppell High School senior Corey Sparrow and CHS alumnus David Jackson participate in "phone time" under assistant manager in training, Zach Hull's instruction. During phone time, sales representatives...

Rao, Akshaya Patra connects students across the globe

September 23, 2015

Nicolas Henderson Staff Writer @happenstance98   Coppell High School students are known for being a generous group, with multiple fundraisers, charities and cultural events occurring throughout...

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