CHS students play Battlefield 3 open beta

By Chase Porter
Staff Writer

Just days ago, DICE, the developer for Battlefield 3 released an open beat onto the Xbox live dashboard. This beta will be up for the next few weeks and I advice all fans of the game franchise to check it out.

The beta for this first person shooter type game is available on the Xbox live dashboard and can be downloaded for free. The beta includes only one map and one game mode but most of the weapons and upgrades can be unlocked.

The game so far looks great but some of the effects and graphics are a little sloppier than most fans would like to see. Fortunately, according to an interview on the game developers say that the beta is using an old version of the graphics in the game. The actual game will have enhanced graphics and even a little tighter game play.

Battlefield 3 will also feature an extensive campaign and multiplayer. The multiplayer will have multiple maps and a few different game modes that haven’t been seen in the past Battlefield games. Also, new weapons and vehicles are being introduced so that the players can fight on land and even in the air in fighter jets.

The actual game, Battlefield 3, is being released on October 25, 2011 so be sure to pre-order a copy of the game at Game Stop or Best Buy.