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Travel, family, full stomachs

Travel, family, full stomachs

Anika Arutla, Staff Writer

December 5, 2018

With the diverse community at Coppell High School, the holiday season means different things to different people. From recipes to simple traditions to attending events, the variation at CHS is incredible. Follow these students through their adventures during the holidays.   Coppell High Scho...

NHS opens application for eligible juniors, seniors

Overcrowding proves to be an issue at Coppell High School as students make their way to classes during passing period.

Christine Zacuai, Executive News Editor

September 28, 2018

Coppell High School National Honor Society continues its application process for eligible juniors and seniors for the 2018-19 school year.   A club with more than 700 members, NHS promotes both academic excellence and volunteering.   Requirements for admittance include meeting...

Apps lending a helpful hand to the forgetful, stressed student

Many high school students face stress, disorganization and difficulty studying. Apps such as myHomework, can help students with these various problems.

Claire Clements, Staff Writer

April 10, 2018

  I am a very forgetful person.   Chances are, if you tell me something, I will forget what it was within a minute. I am also someone who gets distracted way too easily and often times need help with work. Lastly, I am someone who gets stressed relatively easily, a type of stress tha...

Working with a team when you hate team spirit

IB Math Studies teacher Ian VanderSchee works with seniors Jess Goode and Maria Khan on their trigonometry homework. VanderSchee teaches using the flipped classroom method, where students learn the material at home through videos and can ask questions and work out problems with him during class.

Grant Spicer, Staff Writer

March 10, 2017

As students, we often learn about teamwork and its complexities. There will always be the group leader and there will almost always be one person whose laziness drags the whole group down.   Some students really prefer working in teams and some do not. So what if you are part of the group...

Old Town Coppell grows, retains small town atmosphere

Coppell High School junior Catherine Carter, a new employee at Frost Bakery, sells cupcakes at Coppell’s Food Truck Frenzy.

Thomas Rousseau, Staff Writer

May 23, 2016

With the recent anniversary of Old Town Coppell being celebrated, much is changing in Coppell’s cultural center. Within many businesses, Coppell High School students are hard at work and contributing to their workplaces.   Coppell High School junior Catherine Carter has been employed at ...

Quantity over quality, critical thinking nixed in favor of grades

November 14, 2014

Alexandra Dalton Staff Writer @alex_dalton04 As I scurry through the hallways in between classes I can always count on one thing; complaints. One of the best talents of teenagers is to find absolutely any topic on this earth and rant to their friends about how irritating it is to them. Because...

Musical Medley performers help “Make-A-Wish” come true

Musical Medley performers. Photo by Pranathi Chitta.

April 25, 2014

By Pranathi Chitta Staff Writer Two hundred people for an audience was not a barrier for the Musical Medley concert performers. The performance consisted of a variety of acts from Bollywood to American music. The performance was held at Chinmaya Mission Chitrakoot in Irving. Performers varied...

Unprepared teens choose life career

Graphic by Josh Martin

February 28, 2014

By Alexandra Dalton Staff Writer In today’s age, as a 16-year-old student, I am allowed to dictate what college I think fits me the best. If I were born on a leap day, I would be exactly four years old, pressured to take the world by storm but not allowed to decide on the president that might decide my future. ...

Texas Art Education Association announces new winners

February 18, 2014

By Gabby Sahm Staff Writer Most students start out their doodling on notes or making little sketches on paper when the teacher is talking. Many of them do not think much of it, but some students discover that they have a natural talent for art. The Texas Art Education Association is taking s...

Turati flies high at volunteer job

December 2, 2013

By Gabby Sahm Staff Writer Cars are usually the most reliable way of getting around, next to walking. From driving across states to just cruising down the street, cars of different makes and models can be seen along every roadway.  However, one student is taking a special interest in another mode of transportation and hopes to make a career of it.  Coppell High School so...

AP or IB: which to choose

Graphic by Julie Bordonaro and Josh Martin

October 22, 2013

By Pranathi Chitta Staff Writer International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement are both very competitive and prestigious programs at Coppell High School. International Baccalaureate (IB) is a 2 year program, which students can take in their junior and senior year. Coppell High School has adopted...