The Mc-Licious return of the McRib

Ashleigh Heaton

Yup, McDonalds has brought back the infamous McRib sandwich – and we wonder why half the country is obese.

The sandwich, which consists of a rib slathered in barbecue sauce, pickles and onions, will be back on the McDonalds for a limited time of six weeks. It has become somewhat of a cult favorite among fast food enthusiasts, and it is a big deal that the meal is coming to all Mickey-D’s locations rather than select restaurants (like most of its past runs were.) But before you take a bite, keep in mind that one sandwich has 26 grams of fat, 500 calories and 70 milligrams of cholesterol. Just saying.

Have you tried a McRib before? Is it as good as they say? Let me know in the comments!