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Business Spectacle: Lilys Hair Studio (video)
Business Spectacle: Lily's Hair Studio (video)
October 26, 2023

Girls lacrosse maintains early lead in victory over McKinney

Yepoom Hong
Coppell senior Ally Gunnels competes against McKinney on Thursday at Coppell Middle School North. Coppell defeated McKinney, 15-10.

The red score board glinted in the dark sky with the Coppell girls lacrosse team in the lead by a narrow margin. 

It is the beginning of the second quarter, and it’s also the time for Coppell to widen the lead. The teams makes their way to the center circle, ready for the quarter, and Coppell senior Kate Nelson takes off with the ball. McKinney manages to take it back, but as the ball falls to the ground, Coppell senior Sydney Gunnels retrieves and aims for the net.

It was a…

“Score by No. 20: Sydney Gunnels.”

And then another score by Coppell senior Ally Gunnels. And then again by Coppell junior Wrenn Popp.

By the end of the second quarter and leading to halftime, Coppell had scored nine times. 

It was ultimately this lead that McKinney was unable to recover. On Thursday, Coppell defeated McKinney, 15-10, at Coppell Middle School North.

“McKinney came down fairly recently from Division I to Division II,” Coppell coach Emily Doran said. “We called them a wild card, and we didn’t know what to expect. We heard a few things from other coaches, so we had an idea. But, we wanted to play our game which included heavy defense, cutting off all opportunities to get the ball through, and came up with the ball off the draw so we could maintain it.”

During the fourth quarter, Coppell had established a 15-6 lead thanks to senior Jewel Bryant. It was the largest gap Coppell would have over McKinney that night. It was also the last time Coppell would score. Doran credits the lead to practicing defense.

“During practice, we talked about making contact with people who cut through the eight meter,” Doran said. “We also broke down defense when they were playing man-on defense and pressure defense to cut off adjacents.”

However, that score would change as McKinney went on an uncontested run during the fourth quarter with four scores. As the score became 15-10, Coppell called a timeout. 

“During timeout, we told the team it was still their game,” Doran said. “It always is. We used the timeout to breathe and resettle for the game. We know they can go really far this season. We put the words limitless on the back of their shooting shirts because their potential is truly limitless.”

Coppell plays Plano on Tuesday at Coppell Middle School North at 7:30 p.m.

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Anushree De
Anushree De, Features Editor
Anushree De is a senior and the features editor of The Sidekick, where their passion for storytelling flourishes. Their favorite films, La La Land, Zootopia, and Everything Everywhere All at Once, resonate with creative optimism, mirroring her outlook on life. Born in Topeka, Kansas, Anushree embarked on a journey that ultimately led to finding her place in Coppell during second grade. The challenging transition from charter to public school shaped Anushree into the resilient individual they are today. In her spare time, Anushree immerses herself in the enchanting world of Spanish literature, relishing the perspectives it offers. As they have started their senior year, their advice to their younger self would simply be a hug, a reminder that growth is a journey worth embracing. Anushree finds comfort in taking walks in nature as a break from her busy schedule. You can contact her through [email protected] or on X (@anushree_night).
Yepoom Hong
Yepoom Hong, Staff Photographer
Yepoom Hong, a sophomore at Coppell High School, is a first year staff member of The Sidekick newspaper, and an aspiring photographer. Originally from Busan, South Korea, was born on June 6th has a curious wit. In her free time, you can find her listening to music, and drawing. A few artists she admires are New Jeans, Stacy, Stray Kids, Charlie Puth, and Taylor swift, all of which perform and write for the Pop genre. She currently lives with her mom, dad, and three siblings; two younger sisters, younger brother, and to complete the household, and her 7 birds! Although a well prepared meal often sparks up her appetite, she would never refuse sushi or Korean Barbecue. Her favorite subjects are English and math, but she’s not the most fond of Spanish. After taking media in eighth grade and being a part of AV tech in freshman year, she took interest in being a part of The Sidekick after some of our staff advertised it. In the summer, she and her family make trips around the country, such as Houston, but recalling her favorite destinations being the state of Colorado and Utah. You can expect some great work this year from her and the rest of our team! Feel free to contact her by [email protected]

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