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The official student news site of Coppell High School

Coppell Student Media

The official student news site of Coppell High School

Coppell Student Media

Coppell senior Ally Gunnels competes against McKinney on Thursday at Coppell Middle School North. Coppell defeated McKinney, 15-10.

Girls lacrosse maintains early lead in victory over McKinney

Anushree De, Features Editor March 5, 2024
The red score board glinted in the dark sky with the Coppell girls lacrosse team in the lead by a narrow margin.  It is the beginning of the second quarter, and it’s also the time for Coppell to widen the lead. The teams makes their way to the center circle, ready for the quarter, and Coppell senior Kate Nelson takes off with the ball.
Coppell senior wide receiver Baron Tipton rises over senior safety Ashton Williams for a touchdown reception on Saturday at Choctaw Stadium. The Cowboys season ended with a 52-45 loss to the Bobcats in the Class 6A Division II Region I semifinals.

Column: From underlooked to the team to beat

Namir Awan, Staff Photographer November 29, 2023

Not one, not two, but three. Three schools set their homecoming dates against the Coppell football team. Underestimated coming into the season, Coppell had a lot to prove, and coach Antonio Wiley also...

The Winter Olympics took place in Beijing from Feb. 4-20. The Sidekick communications manager Varshitha Korrapolu writes about how much the Winter Olympics has influenced her since she started watching them in 2014.

Non-sports enthusiast mesmerized by the Olympics

Varshitha Korrapolu, Communications Manager February 25, 2022

I was born in America and have lived here my entire life. One thing that I have noticed over the years is how much Americans obsess over sports.  Sports are such an integral part of cultures across...

The Sidekick executive editor-in-chief Sally Parampottil thinks everyone should watch the Olympics despite their interest in sports because the emotion elicited from the event transcends knowledge of the actual sport.

Peace on Earth achieved with every Olympics

Sally Parampottil, Executive Editor-in-Chief May 12, 2021

OK, well, not really. I know you saw that headline and scoffed.  However, the Olympics - you know, that massive celebration of sports and international unity through athletic competition that happens...

On March 2, Olympians Alex Morgan, Simone Manuel, Chloe Kim and Sue Bird announced the launch of their new brand: TOGETHXR. The Sidekick executive editor-in-chief Sally Parampottil writes about their goal to promote more female athletic representation and how this brand and similar organizations are huge steps of progress for women in sports.

One small step for women, one giant leap for women in sports

Sally Parampottil, Executive Editor-in-Chief March 30, 2021

Four percent. According to UNESCO, that’s the approximate amount of media coverage for women’s sports. Pathetic, isn’t it? On March 2, entering Women’s History Month, four U.S. Olympians...

The Sidekick staff designer Josh Campbell owns various skateboards, which he has been collecting since sixth grade when he became interested in skating. Campbell thinks skateboarding is not simply a sport or career, but is both a physical and mental game allowing for one to to cope and improve upon one’s own skills. Photo by Tanvee Patil

Opinion: Skateboarding lifestyle transcends sports

Josh Campbell, Staff Designer March 24, 2021

Skateboarding is not just a sport, but rather a form of expression. A blending of physical movement and style creates a unique sport of skill and determination made through one's personal traits.  A...

The Sidekick co-sports editor Meer Mahfuz interviews boys basketball coach Clint Schnell after Coppell’s Class 6A area playoff loss against Lake Highlands at Loos Sports Complex on Thursday. While others find sports coverage difficult, Mahfuz thinks sports coverage helps him escape the teenage world.

#SJW2021: Reporting sports a feeling unrivaled

Meer Mahfuz, Co-Sports Editor February 26, 2021

Every goal. Every touchdown. Every basket. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s seeing people’s energetic happiness after a thrilling play. Maybe it’s because I can imagine myself in their shoes...

The Sidekick executive editorial page editor Camila Villarreal views football as more than just a sport during Thanksgiving. Villarreal sees football as a way to appreciate time with family.

More than a touchdown: Even casual fans look forward to Thanksgiving football

Camila Villarreal, Executive Editorial Page Editor November 20, 2020

I am an introverted bookworm who writes articles about social issues and songs about love. It should come as no surprise that my knowledge in football is not extensive. But even so, I find myself appreciating...

The Sidekick junior staff writer Anjali Vishwanath shows her team loyalties with a sweatshirt and newspaper article describing the New England Patriots’ 2019 Super Bowl win at Andy Brown East. Vishwanath moved from Massachusetts to Texas in 2018, but finds that her loyalty remains with New England sports teams.

Sports team loyalties: lifelong or adaptable?

Anjali Vishwanath, Staff Writer November 13, 2020

It is hard to be a New England Patriots fan in Texas. Sports are typically a connection point; people commiserate over the shared joy of a win and sit in silence together after a major loss.  How do...

Coppell senior center Febechi Nwaiwu, senior offensive linemen Austin Darcy and sophomore offensive lineman Trevor Timmerman prepare for a play against Highland Park at Highlander Stadium on Oct. 9. The Sidekick executive editor-in-chief Sally Parampottil believes linemen are essential to football but often go underappreciated.

The bottom line

Sally Parampottil, Executive Editor-in-Chief October 21, 2020

The modern perception of football would not exist without linemen.  The thuds of bodies slamming into one another, the grunts and huffs of players as they grapple, the iconic row of squat poses as...

Coppell senior midfielder Jojo Alonzo participates in soccer practice on Tuesday in the CHS Field House. Despite COVID-19, athletes are continuing to play sports with adjusted fitness habits.

Opinion: Coppell athletes modifying fitness regimens to adapt to COVID-19

Varshitha Korrapolu, Staff Writer October 6, 2020

The competition, the indomitable spirit, the exhilarating feelings rushing through their bodies.   These are just a few of the reasons why Coppell athletes portray persistence and will not let anything,...

Coppell junior defender and The Sidekick co-sports editor Meer Mahfuz shoots during an individual practice on Aug. 25 at Buddy Echols Field. Mahfuz reflects on last year’s season and explains how the process of returning to athletic play this season has impacted him.

Closure and a new beginning

Meer Mahfuz, Co-Sports Editor September 4, 2020

If you were to ever tell me I would have to learn how to play soccer wearing a mask or that I wouldn’t be able to walk into the locker room with my teammates, I would not have ever believed you.  But...

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