My experience at Rosa’s Cafe

By Rebecca Fowler
Staff Writer

I pulled into the extremely crowded parking lot and thought Oh, great.

Seeing the huge number of cars, I knew it would be ages before my family and I finally got to eat—let alone, get a table.  It was Monday night, and the café had just opened on Saturday…the new workers would surely be in over their heads tonight.

But we went in anyway, and were shocked to see many available tables in the spacious dining area, as well as a quickly-moving ordering line.

Set up similarly to Subway, Rosa’s Café is just that—a café.  You walk up to the cashier, place your order, pay and then pick up your food at the end of the line when it is ready.  My family’s order took only about five minutes to prepare.

The prices are very decent, the food is good and the efficiency is awesome.  The newest Tex-Mex restaurant in Coppell, Rosa’s Café, in my opinion, is a hit.