Archie Comics welcomes changing world

By Allie Perison
Editor in Chief

The word is out and so is Archie Comic’s newest character. Meet Kevin Keller, the dreamy new kid on the block with dazzling eyes and a smile that breaks hearts. The catch? It isn’t girl’s hearts he is breaking because Keller is the first openly gay Archie Comic character.

With some believing that many comics had underlying homosexual messages from the beginning, it should come as no suprise that the comic world now embraces gay and lesbian charactes. What is somewhat suprising though is that such a conservative comic is welcoming this change.

After reading further interviews with Archie Comics creators it is clear that the story line just wants to keep up with the times. Riverdale High is supposedly getting a whole new set of characters facing different problems just starting with Kevin.

Check out the new character and story line here.