“Dear John” premiere this weekend

By Rebecca Fowler
Staff Writer

So I basically loved Dear John.  The book, I mean, by Nicholas Sparks.

I have yet to see the movie, but I will today at approximately 3:30 and am really looking forward to it.  Though I have heard the ending was changed—a fact I am not so thrilled about—the film looks as if it followed along with the book fairly well.  Also, the characters, in my opinion, were cast perfectly.

I think the movie will be a success because it appeals to all female viewers, even those who have not read the book.  It has been promoted well as a sweet and sappy chick-flick and will no doubt live up to its expectations, though it may be tough to beat Sparks’ other popular book-based movies, “The Notebook” and “A Walk to Remember.”

After seeing the movie, I will come back and compare it to the book, looking at the similarities and differences, the positives and the negatives and the “aww” moments we all just love.  You can decide if you agree with me by reading my review here on coppellstudentmedia.com.

Photo by Katie Quill