The iPad-success or setback?

By Rebecca Fowler
Staff Writer

What’s bigger than an iTouch but smaller than an iMac?  That’s right, an iPad.

This new and extremely innovative Apple product is the next best thing in computer technology.  Like a blown-up version of the iPhone, the new device has all the best features of a touch-screen computer, yet its 9.7 inch screen provides for easier reading, typing and access.

The iPad is just .5 inches thin and only 1.5 pounds, making it easier to carry and use anywhere.

However, there have been complaints about it.  One, for example, is the fact that it does not allow multitasking.  You cannot, therefore, listen to radio on the internet and surf the web simultaneously.   Also, there is no camera, a feature that would seem simple for Apple to have added.

Another problem I foresee is the fact that you cannot close it up like a laptop to protect the screen.  It is almost a requirement that users purchases a case or cover, or run the risk of dropping, scratching or spilling something on the delicate touch-screen and ruining it forever.

Although there are many flaws with the new iPad, I believe it is a definite step forward in technology and a great foreshadowing for the future of computers.  And with a few tweaks, it is sure to be a great buy in a few years.