‘Percy Jackson’ cast to come to Stonebriar Centre

By Loren Hughes

Staff Writer

The highly anticipated movie titled Percy Jackson & the Olympians: the Lightning Thief, due to release on Feb. 12, is filled with a young and fresh cast sure to entertain teenagers everywhere. On Sunday Jan. 17 at 3 p.m., this cast will be at Stonebriar Centre in Frisco.

The Hot Topic store at Stonebriar is sponsoring the event, and in order to meet the cast members, you must be a HT+1 member, which is Hot Topic’s exclusive club. It costs no money and barely any time in order to be a member, as all you must do is go to a nearby Hot Topic and ask them if you can fill out a membership slip which requires some of your information on it. Along with discounts and deals, you will be eligible for special events such as this one.

Once you are a member, you must buy a Percy Jackson tour shirt at the Stonebriar Hot Topic only. The cost of the shirt is $25, and once you buy the shirt, you will receive a wristband. This wristband will guarantee that you will meet the cast of the movie on Jan. 17.

Space for the event is limited, so those who arrive early will have a greater shot at meeting the cast. After autographs, the cast will be participating in a Q & A session. The Q & A will be open to the entire public, whereas the autograph session is exclusively for HT+1 members.

The cast members which will be in attendance at the event will be Logan Lerman (Percy), Alexandra Daddario (Annabeth) and Brandon T. Jackson (Grover).

In order to become a member, click here. Once you are a member, an e-mail about the event should be sent to you. For more information, the Stonebriar Hot Topic store can be reached at 972. 377. 2157.