Mind over Matter to captivate minds of fans

By Shruthika Pochampally
Staff Writer

The release of Young the Giant’s sophomore album, Mind over Matter, was a highly anticipated event until Tuesday, when it was finally revealed to avid fans and indie band lovers worldwide.

The band’s self-titled freshman album consisted of heavy vocals on lead singer Sameer Gadhia’s part and a strong “indie” influence. So when “It’s About Time” and “Crystallized”, from Mind over Matter were released as singles in October and December, fans were surprised with the band’s fresh take on their vocals to instruments ratio. The new album largely consists of dance beats and a comparatively electronic feel. Nonetheless, Gadhia’s vocal capability was not only evident but also captivating in Mind over Matter.

The new sound of Young the Giant is not disappointing, with songs such as “Anagram”, “Waves” and “Eros” reflecting a satisfying mix of Gadhia’s talent and the electronic feels provided by the remaining members of the quintet. These songs all share common characteristics of profound lyrics and a catchy tune. They are layered with meaningful words and a captivating sound.

The band seems to be thoroughly reinvented, and the new album highly versatile. The freshman album will remain a favorite amongst fans, but Mind over Matter has also captured their attention in an unexpected way.

Young the Giant does not disappoint fans in producing lyrics for Mind over Matter. Perhaps the most alluring aspect of the new album is the combination of unique sounds with the exemplary songwriting. Gadhia’s standard yet spectacular vocals, the band’s emphasis on guitar and drums, and their fresh, matured lyrics together calls for an amalgam of emotions on display as one listens this album.

“It’s About Time” contains heavy guitar beats and yet again continues to retain the signature Young the Giant tone, making it an ideal single release, and one of the top rated tracks off of the album.

Another hit off the album is “Firelight”. Serene lyrics paired with a slow, mellow tune called for an interesting track on this significantly fast-paced album. Regardless of being one of the slower songs by this band, the track stands out amongst its 12 remaining counterparts.

Overall, “Crystallized” is a favorite, for its not only nostalgic but also upbeat aura. “Crystallized” stands out for the way it connects Young the Giant’s two albums together- an appreciated medley of nostalgic lyrics and electronic beats.

Young the Giant will be performing live at South Side Ballroom (formerly known as the Palladium Ballroom) on Feb. 14.