Applauze app to aid entertainment enthusiasts in event searches, ticket purchases

Shruthika Pochampally
Staff Writer

With people increasingly interested in various means of entertainment, many students find it a hassle to find and keep up with local concerts, plays, sports events, and more. A good way to keep up with your favorite entertainment is the iOS app Applauze.

The Applauze app, which is free for download on the Apple App Store, allows a user to not only view local entertainment, but also purchase tickets, select seats and share with their Facebook friends. When an artist you love comes to your area, the event, along with the location, time and distance are automatically displayed. You can search any artist, sports team or show at the top of the page, as well as search events based on cities.

Popular and most-searched events, upcoming events and saved events are available at the bottom of the page with a calendar displaying all of your saved events as well.

Upon signing in, the user is able to further personalize the app. A user can attach credit cards to the account to automatically purchase tickets through the app, scan their music library, select the category they wish to view events for and save those preferences to their profile.

Many free events are also listed on this app, and it is great not only for sports and entertainment enthusiasts, but also for tourists. If you want to go to a concert immediately, you can find a list of all concerts over the weekend. Applauze money can be earnt by inviting friends to download the app and make an account, which can be spent towards purchasing any tickets through the app.

For every friend of yours that you send a redemption code, $5 is added to both users’ Applauze accounts. Once you have friends on the account, you can invite them to check out events you think they might be interested in, and also chat under the event.

Applauze is the go-to app for avid concert-goers and sports fans, and is ideal for keeping track of any of your entertainment ventures. It is handy and well-designed, with pleasing aesthetics and a user-friendly interface, and is highly recommended for those seeking entertainment at any time in any city.