New radio station provides something for everyone

Allie Perison
Editor in Chief

It seems like every time I turn on the radio, I am forced to listen to the same four bad pop songs of the moment. It doesn’t matter what station you turn too, pop dominates the radio. For this reason, I usually resort to listening to CD’s, but recently, with the help of National Public Radio (NPR), I have found a station actually worth listening too.

KXT 91.7 plays a wide variety of music ranging from indie rock to alternative country. It literally has something for everyone. The station takes public radio back to what it used to be, discovering new local bands while still giving nods to the classics.

One thing I particularly appreciate about the station is that it doesn’t just play the music, it gives you background. Before playing a song, you get a brief history telling who it is by and what it is about.

The radio station does not just play music though, they also provide news updates. Since that station is linked with NPR talk radio, you can get a brief daily dosage of current events.

If you ever miss an interview or hear a song you like and can’t remember the artist, the KXT 91.7 website provides information on all its past played shows. You can visit the website here.

The station functions on donations from listeners. All of the music played is supported by music fans donations. To become a member you must make a donation of $35 or more. With each contribution you make, you receive a thank you gift ranging from a tote bag to a shirt.

To become a member of KXT 91.7 and help support the music you can go here.