Amorphis announces upcoming album: Circle

By Thomas Hair
Opinions Editor

Amorphis has been one of the world’s most respected and iconic metal bands since they broke onto the scene twenty years ago. Since then, they have released ten albums – each different than the last. Their 11th full-length studio album, entitled Circle, has been confirmed and is set for an April 19 release date.

Amorphis is a band that is never content to overuse a formula, attempting a diverse selection of music styles over the years. Their first album was crushingly heavy metal, while their next two albums gradually added more and more melodic and progressive elements to that sound. They then abruptly departed for a unique folky progressive rock sound, yet somehow retaining their signature atmosphere. In 2005, once again, the abruptly changed directions with the release of Eclipse, hiring a new vocalist and going for more of a modern metal sound, melding their old and new sounds. This is a sound they have formulated to perfection since 2005, with three more albums being released in the same vein.

But Amorphis has never been content to stand still for long. There is rumor that is new album may be a distinct shake-up in the band’s sound once again. The album art is unlike any other the band has released – with its coarse texture and sepia tones. That could be a clue to a thicker, more distorted sound. Following the release of the band’s 11th album, Amorphis will embark on a worldwide headlining tour.

Band member Pekka Kainulainen has this to say about Circle, which will be a concept album: “The protagonist has been dealt a bad hand at birth. He’s always felt himself an outsider with strong potential to become marginalized. Through an accident, after a crisis, he finds a connection with his inner powers. A guide is sent to him, from some other time and place. He gets a chance to take hold of his own life and change his destiny. From the past of Carelian Finland he finds his own spiritual tribe and the power to turn the course of his doomed life. This is a story of survival.”

The band also unveiled the title of the songs to be on Circle:

Shades Of Gray
The Wanderer
Narrow Path
Hopeless Days
Nightbird’s Song
Into The Abyss
Enchanted By The Moon
A New Day

The album was produced by Peter Tägtgren at Petrax Studio is Finland and will be released by Nuclear Blast Records. Pre-order your copy here and receive a bonus track, bonus DVD and a bonus music video.