Avengers looking to be a super movie

By Tanner McCord
Staff Writer

Tonight at midnight, the most anticipated superhero movie since probably “The Dark Knight” will be flying into theaters. Five fantastic superheroes will be featured on the silver screen in one film for the first time ever in “The Avengers”. Marvel decided that bringing in five of their most famous movies, most of which have recent movies individually, and put them all in one feature.

Iron Man last appeared in 2010, Captain America in 2011, The Incredible Hulk 2008, Thor who actually appeared in a post credit trailer at the end of Iron Man 2 was a feature film in 2011, and Black Widow who is making her first appearance aside from comic books will combine to create a historical movie event.

Marvel nearly never fails to create great movies and for years now have been putting premier trailers at the end of their credit roll. Between the anticipation of the movie itself and what may be revealed at the end of the movie, superhero fans should have enough of a buzz to carry themselves all the way to the release of the final movie of the Batman trilogy that comes out this summer.