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No signs of rust for Iron Man 3

May 3, 2013

By Will Thomas Staff Writer Robert Downey Jr. returns as Tony Stark in the third installment of the Iron Man franchise, officially kicking off the summer movie season. Since the events taking place in The Avengers, Stark has become an insomniac prone to anxiety attacks. Stark spends all hi...

The Avengers exceeds all expectations, amazes audiences

<i>The Avengers</i> exceeds all expectations, amazes audiences

May 11, 2012

By Thomas Hair Online Copy Editor If you are going to pour five feature length films and billions of dollars into building up to the release of a single movie, it had better be a remarkable movie. It had better be the type of movie that becomes an instant classic – anything else would be a catastrophic...

Avengers looking to be a super movie

May 3, 2012

By Tanner McCord Staff Writer Tonight at midnight, the most anticipated superhero movie since probably "The Dark Knight" will be flying into theaters. Five fantastic superheroes will be featured on the silver screen in one film for the first time ever in "The Avengers". Marvel decided that bringing in ...

Iron Man 2 will blow your mind

May 12, 2010

**Spoiler Alert** I’ve never been a big fan of sequels and it is a rare occasion when I enjoy a sequel better than the first. However, the release of Iron Man 2 has me reconsidering my expectations for second installments. When Iron Man 2 trailers began showing late last year, fans and critics ...