John Carter and Silent House enter theaters Friday

By Jay Carroll
Staff Writer

This Friday, March 9, is a day filled with highly anticipated movie releases. This could be beneficial for students who are looking for things to do over Spring Break next week.

The movie “John Carter“, starring Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins and Samantha Morton, is about a man named John Carter, who is transported to Mars. On Mars, it becomes his duty to save Barsoom and its people. This action-packed film is filled with fighting, with a little bit of drama mixed in as well.

Another new release is the scary movie “Silent House“, starring Elizabeth Olsen, Adam Trese, Eric Sheffer Stephens and many more stars. This movie is about a woman who is trapped inside her family’s lake house, and is being terrorized while she is staying in the house. The movie is one hour and 28 minutes long, and for the whole 88 minutes there are supposed to be very few non-scary moments. However, the movie is rated “R” so unless you are 17 or older, you cannot go see the movie without an adult.

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