Most anticipated games of the year

By Chase Porter
Staff Writer

With 2011 behind us, game developers are already trying to come out with the next best game to compete with games like Battlefield and Modern Warfare 3.

Some of the biggest news in the gaming community is the release of Halo 4 expected for sometime this spring or summer. Also Mass Effect 3, the follow up to one of the best games of 2011, will be releasing this year which will end the trilogy. Along with these franchise games Assassins Creed will be releasing another game and of course Call of Duty is sure to have one or more games being released but as of right now there has been no speculation on where the franchise will be heading next.

Besides just franchises and first person shooter games being released gamers can expect many more game developers creating more and more role playing games. I say this because of the recently released game Skyrim and LA Noire which has been a huge hit and is purely a role playing game. One role playing game that gamers can hope for to be released sometime this year is the highly anticipated Diablo 3. This game has undergone years of development without an actual release date but it is expected to be ready for play sometime this year for PC.

“Im really excited for Grand Theft Auto V which is coming out this year because its the only game that lets you do whatever you want,” said senior Max Green.

2011 has been a huge year in gaming with many franchises coming to a close and record sales in the first person shooter category but don’t worry 2012 has the potential to be even better.