Manning up for a good cause

Cowboys participate in No Shave November without knowing the meaning behind it. Photo by Jodie Woodward

Cowboys participate in No Shave November without knowing the meaning behind it. Photo by Jodie Woodward

By Kara Adkins
Online Copy Editor

With scruffy unruly facial hair bombarding Coppell High School it is that time of year again that many boys look forward to and many girls dread: No shave November.

To put it simply, no shave November is a tradition for Coppell students where in the month of November they do not shave their facial hair. But what most students don’t know is that no shave November isn’t just a time where males compete in order to grow out the best facial hair, it serves a purpose much greater and more important.

Since Breast Cancer Awareness month is so widely known, in 1999 a group of men in Melbourne, Australia decided to create their own month in order to raise awareness for cancers that can affect them. Since then this event has been growing in size and popularity around the U.S. and world.

This event has grown in size to nearly 1.1 million men and women worldwide. The true reason no shave November originated was to help raise awareness and money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG. Men are supposed to register each year and raise funds by getting sponsors for their efforts. allows participants to join teams and make raising money a group effort.

It seems, however, that Breast Cancer Awareness month overshadows the prostate awareness efforts in November. Out of a hundred kids at CHS only six students knew the real meaning behind no shave November. It seems to most students no shave November is just a funny excuse to be unhygienic for an entire month.

According to The American Cancer Society, this year it is predicted that 240,890 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer and an astounding 33,720 men will die from it. With prostate cancer being the second most common cancer in men behind skin cancer, it is nothing to be taken lightly.

Although the idea of no shave November is light hearted, the meaning behind it carries much impact. With that said, it is time for the student body at CHS to understand the true meaning behind such an impactful event.

It seems to reiterate the dreaded ‘Coppell Bubble’ stereotype and also demonstrates much ignorance from our student body to participate in a month long event without even knowing its origin or true purpose.

It is slightly disturbing that such a large percentage of CHS male students are part of fantasy football leagues and make bets on their imaginary football teams but when it comes to joining a team to help support a cancer that effects thousands, they are all oblivious to the cause. Since starting a team is as easy as the click of a button on there really is no excuse to not help others and be educated on men’s health at the same time.

No shave November wasn’t just made for cave men to walk the halls of Coppell for a month and for boys to receive complaints from their mothers and girlfriends about their new look, it was created to start a chain reaction of men around the world who are willing to help fight for their health.

Whether it is a mustache, a goatee, or a beard, men all around the globe participate in no shave November to help support a cause. It’s time for Coppell to join the revolution and let their facial hair rage for the right reasons.