Fantasy football increasingly popular among CHS students

By Seth Slover
Staff Writer

Fantasy football, once considered simply an outlet for over-obsessed football fans, has grown on students at Coppell High.  It is now common to walk down the halls of CHS and hear students discussing their latest match-ups or potential trades.  The allure of fantasy football is ever-present.

For those who don’t know what fantasy football is, here is a quick description:  Football fans (such as myself) join up with friends on websites like or to create a virtual league composed of “teams” with “owners” that manage their team.  Teams are made up by actual NFL players that are awarded points based off their performance in each week’s game.  In head-to-head match-ups with other team’s in the league, owner’s closely observe the performances of the players on their respective teams.  An example of a good week in fantasy football would be a game in which players for a given owner rack up a great deal of touchdowns and positive yardage.

Coppell students that are “owners” of fantasy football teams are often found using class time to read up on upcoming games, scout out opponents, and research what players would be useful contributions to their teams.  In fact, I must confess to having given into this temptation countless times.

Ironically enough, students aren’t the only ones with great interest in football.  Math teacher Mrs. Wilt often takes a moment in class on Monday mornings to discuss the happenings in NFL games the day before.  An uncommon teacher such as Wilt could possibly even be an unexpected adviser for the improvement of fantasy football teams!

If you too find yourself addicted to what students often simply refer to as “fantasy”, don’t feel too bad.  You aren’t alone, for you and I are in the same boat.  To those of you with fantasy games coming up this weekend: good luck.  Perhaps you will reciprocate this wish; that Tony Romo will step up his game and help my fantasy team maintain its undefeated record!