Crysis 2 Review

By Chase Porter
Staff Writer

Coppell High School students who enjoy gaming are constantly on the hunt for the next best game and I think that I may have found it.

Previously the game Crysis has been primarily a desktop game but with the recent release of the sequel, Crysis 2, it appears that it may usher in a new era of games. This game is primarily a shooter set in the future were you are in control of a super solider trying to stop a deadly alien invasion. The story takes you to many different places from cities to alien ships and it is full of action.

Just from watching reviews and videos on this game it makes me wonder how they achieved such awe inspiring graphics. Also, the explosions and weapons have great animation making it feel like you could seriously be injured if caught in the line of fire. Another new ad on from the previous game is the new upgrade system but I wont spoil it for new comers of the game.

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