Pretty Little Liars sweeping CHS

Ashley Attanucci
Web Manager

“PLL, PLL! PLL’s on tonight!” If you follow the show, there’s no doubt that you know what those three innocent letters stand for. It calls for watching parties, not soley for the season premier and finale but for each episode for which Coppell High students flock together to see the pretty little liars on ABC Family.

The show, based off of Sara Shepard’s book series Pretty Little Liars (can be ordered online at Barnes and Noble), follows 5 high school girls after their best friend’s murder. It’s fun to watch: critique the girls’ fashion, chatter about who is the prettiest cast member and blindly guess who ‘A’ (the name assigned to the mysterious texter who constantly haunts and taunts the girls, pretending to be the late best friend Allison) could possibly be, all the while chompin’ on Doritos with friends. 

Don’t dare to criticize until you’ve caught up on the first season. Click to ABC Family channel on television tonight at seven to catch the all-new episode of the second season (show number three), or watch it as well as older shows online at

(If you’re looking to make Mondays your new TV Day, be sure to flip to SyFy to watch the series “Being Human” at eight -it’s not that science-y but it’s a thrilling show about a modern day vampire and werewolf living with a ghost. Awesome cast.)