Super Bowl commercials

Chase Porter
Staff Writer

Super Bowl 45, which will be played in about two weeks, is sure to be a great game between the Stealers and Packers. But what if you don’t watch the Super Bowl for the game?

For years the Super Bowl has been known for its commercials because it is the biggest advertising platform on earth. The 2010 Super Bowl ads cost for a 30 second spot were around 2.7 million. Seeing how much these spots cost really shows why these companies try and put theirĀ most memorable commercials forward. When I say memorable, I actually mean funny because everyone remembers funny ads.

Last year, the main ad, which took up a large amount of time called “Focus on the Family,” was an ad for a moral reason and not an actual company. The commercial unfortunately was not as memorable because it just wasn’t funny. On the other hand, Go Daddy, Budweiser and Doritos chips made the top spots for funny ads by simply making it funny and focusing it around their product. Other top commercials were made by car companies such as Kia and Voltzwagen.

This year most of the companies are keeping there ads under raps, but there’s a guarantee you’ll be entertained even if you don’t care about the game.