AMC’s new series “The Walking Dead” is the show to watch


Last night, after weeks and maybe months of anticipation, AMC premiered it’s new show, “The Walking Dead”. The show centers around survivors of a virus outbreak, trying to avoid the zombie hoards that have taken over Atlanta, Georgia. It all starts off when main character, Rick Grimes, wakes up in a deserted hospital after being in a coma from a gunshot wound. He finds himself in an empty city, save for two survivors he finds throughout the show and a group of other survivors he briefly talks to on the radio before they lose each other. Grimes continues on through the city, looking for his wife and son and any other living people out there.

One of the great things about the show is that, despite it having zombies in it, the characters are still pretty believable. They act how anyone would probably act when put in a situation like this. While it is a zombie show, it’s less of a show about the zombies and more about the trials faced by the survivors.

“The Walking Dead” comes on Sundays at nine on AMC and is also available for purchase on iTunes.