Anticipation for Black Ops

Chase Porter
Staff Writer

For years, the games of, Call of Duty, have entertained teenage boys and now the wait for the highly anticipated, Call of Duty Black Ops, is almost over!

On November 9th the latest instalment of the Call of Duty games will release for Xbox 360 and Xbox live. the game has been anticipated all year and pre- order sales have already passed that of last years best selling game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The new game from Treyark will include many new features from their last installment of their version of the Call of Duty games, Call of Duty: World at War, including new multi player modes and even a change from the WWII setting to a Cold War setting.

Black Ops will be set in the Cold War time period and you will also play missions in Vietnam from what the trailers show. Also, it appears that you will be able to play in many different places around the world including tropical settings to arctic tundras which is expected from a Call of Duty game whether its made by Treyark or Activision. Further more, there will also be new characters and from what I have seen from an video over Black Ops the game might actually take place between the plots of Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2.

New multi-player additions have also been added and customization has also been enhanced. In Black Ops you will be able to place your clan tag on your weapon, customize your emblem for your gun, and color it in any color not just the good old fashion camos. Also, weapons and perks have been changed and new game modes such as, contract games, allow you to get money to buy new things instead of just ranking up.

The game is being released at a starting price of $65.00 for the Xbox 360and other consoles and an official game review will be available on the Sidekick website once the game is released.