“Glee” features Britney Spears in latest episode

Rebecca Neumann
Entertainment Editor

Tonight’s eagerly awaited “Glee” lives up to the hype. The Britney Spears musical tribute features the hit songs “Toxic” and “Hit me baby one more time”, though the show does exclude some of her other popular hits.

The episode centers around the club members’ hallucinations during dental procedures. Several of the characters have dream-like musical numbers where they interpret Spears’ songs and music videos. However, the fan-favorite songs “Lucky” and “Circus” were not among the songs performed.

Despite this, the episode still showcased great performances and original interpretations. Lea Michele’s “Hit me baby one more time” gave a unique twist to the 90’s hit and Kevin McHale’s version of “Stronger” showed that Spears’ music can transcend gender boundaries. Spears herself makes several cameo appearances during the course of the episode during each musical number/hallucination.

All in all, the episode was great, almost surpassing the Lady Gaga episode when it comes to music.

If you haven’t seen it then you definitely need to check it out on: http://www.fox.com/glee/full-episodes/