Potter-mania revived with “A Very Potter Sequel”

Ashleigh Heaton

Last year, I wrote a story about a little YouTube production from Starkid Productions called “A Very Potter Musical”. If you can’t tell by the tone of the article (or by the fact that I dedicated an entire article to the production,) I’m kind of in love with this show.

So imagine, if you will, my excitement upon hearing that Starkid had followed up on their internet success and made a sequel, appropriately titled “A Very Potter Sequel“. Here’s a good image: I screamed. Loudly.

I literally did not sleep for a few nights, staying up in to the wee hours of the night to watch as much of the show as I could before conking out. And, despite my early fears that the sequel would be a worn out re-hash of the original, I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong: in fact, the sequel is, in some ways, better than the original.

So, whether you’re a Potter fan or not, I suggest you check out these shows for a good laugh or two. And maybe a cameo appearance of something called the Scarf of Sexual Preference.

Check out the sequel:

Or you can get started and see the original here: