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42nd Street opening brings “Broadway extravaganza”

42nd Street opening brings “Broadway extravaganza”

Lili Lomas, Student Life Editor

October 31, 2016

From the parking lot to the seats of the auditorium, proud family members of the cast and crew of Coppell High School’s theater department’s 2016 musical, “42nd Street” carried in congratulatory bouquets for the students who took part in the production of the musical that opened on Saturday. The...

Alma Mater

January 23, 2013

Many Coppell High School alumni are proud to have been part of “Cowboy Nation.” Throughout their four years of high school on the CHS campus, they will have heard the school song, also called the Alma Mater, at numerous pep rallies, before and after football games, and on many other occasions. The wo...

Rick Santorum song makes an impact on Youtube

March 8, 2012

By Annie Wen Staff Writer Tulsa resident David Harris met Rick Santorum a few days before Oklahoma's Super Tuesday primary, a meeting which gave Harris an idea: he and his musically inclined family should compose a campaign song for the candidate. The Harris' have eight children between the ages...

Illegal song downloads

October 4, 2010

Laura Kattilakoski staff writer You can either pay $1.29 for a new song on iTunes or type the song’s title into a website that will allow you to download the same song for free. Seriously, which sounds more appealing to most teenagers? Before I get any further, I should just say that I don’t ...

A Party in the U.S.A

September 13, 2010

by Ashley Attanucci Staff Writer This past weekend for Coppell was marked with everything Homecoming –the parade, the football game and, for students, the Homecoming dance, appropriately themed “Party in the U.S.A”. While students were dancing Saturday night away at the Omni Mandalay Hotel...