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Business Spectacle: Lilys Hair Studio (video)
Business Spectacle: Lily's Hair Studio (video)
October 26, 2023

Coincidence to crescendo

Hosalli reaching new heights
Ainsley Dwyer
Coppell senior Raghav Hosalli has spent the past four years of high school dedicating their all to Coppell Choir. Hosalli has left an impact on the students and directors within the program.

Discovering a passion for something that would eventually create years of memories and experiences isn’t the easiest thing. Passions and finding your own talents can take years and some people don’t ever discover them.

Raghav Hosalli’s interest in choir isn’t the normal “going to audition,” and “loving music,” path. Their lack of interest in anything choir related ended coincidentally changing the trajectory of their life, resulting in something they would never forget.

“I joined choir in the fifth grade when my elementary school teacher convinced me to join the honor choir for fifth and sixth grade,” Hosalli said. “At the time I was barely considering it and over time I fell in love with it.” 

Joining CHS choir changed the trajectory of Hosalli’s choir passion. Their sense of community within all the choirs is full of support whether it be with choir or academics.

The busy schedules between being in multiple choirs and keeping your grades up isn’t always an easy thing to do, but Hosalli manages. 

“If you ever find yourself missing out on time to study or missing a class, chances are that a lot of the other choir members are in those classes with you. Working together with them to keep our grades up honestly helps us,” Hosalli said.

The relationships between other members and directors have been a major support system for not only Hosalli, but also many other choir members. Celebrating festivals and going to competitions alongside each other has made countless memories for everyone involved.

“I’ve participated in every UIL Competition since sixth grade and All-State Choirs, as well as the Madrigal Festival,” Hosalli said. “Each and every one is unique in its own way, but it’s a great opportunity to work with your choir to a common goal and work on repetition and perfection.” 

Competition season is especially important as well as difficult. At times, the members’ passion can be difficult to keep up with and push through.

“It can be a little bit draining,” Hosalli said. “But the end result is so rewarding for all collectively that it’s definitely worth the hard work we’ve put into it.” 

Not only is Raghav a talented singer, but their involvement in and outside of choir has been evident. They held the position of social chair in CHS Choir and is also the co-president of the Coppell Gay Straight Alliance (GSA).

Creating a bond with not only fellow students, but also directors and peers has left a mark on Hosalli’s experiences throughout high school.

“Raghav is extremely talented and his passion for classical music is very apparent, he works hard and supports the choir so much. Madrigals as a whole are the best out of choir and each individual requires more effort,” senior Madrigal Hannah Tbaba said.

Their impact of holding a position in choir has also aided in making the choir better and they have left a lasting impact for years to come.

“Raghav has contributed a lot to the choir and building the community,” senior Coppell Choir president Roma Jani said “Being in the Madrigals together doesn’t even feel like work, we are all friends.”

Raghav’s success reaches more than just the help from their fellow choir members. Directors and teachers have made a lasting impact on their four years at CHS.

“The directors will always maintain a personal relationship with us especially with a smaller ensemble like Madrigals and they keep us feeling and sounding our best,” Hosalli said. “Getting to know teachers as well helps with knowing them and their teaching methods, but just knowing them on a personal level.”

Their choir journey doesn’t end here. Raghav plans on pursuing more singing into the future at the Purdue University Treble Bass Choir.

“I’m already working on my audition for a choir program in college and it’s definitely something I’ll be continuing,” Hosalli said.

Hosalli’s coincidental talents have discovered a new realm of a new community of people creating memories wherever they go. 

“Stick with whatever you do, it can be draining at times, but it will provide you with a community and memories that will last you a lifetime,” Hosalli said.

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