ABC’s new show Happy Town

by Ashley Attanucci
Staff Writer

Murder, mystery, dramatic music -all the ingredients for a perfect scary TV show that have me hooked on ABC’s new show Happy Town. Ironic to the title, the quaint town of Haplin is creepy, its people are creepy and the series of events are creepy and pretty much the exact opposite of anything happy the townspeople could ask for.

A quick idea about what the show is about: There’s a town, called Haplin, also known as “Happy Town” (in Minnesota). Its small population is plagued with a history of unsolved kidnappings of their children (main suspect: “Magic Man”) and a recent murder upsets the recovering town. The show is interesting because it follows different characters of the town; one of the main characters, Tommy Conroy, a deputy, who has to head the police force in the investigation while he tries to keep the town happy and his wife and daughter safe; and also a mysterious newcomer Henley Boone that leads the audience to weird discoveries of the town and its characters.

I absolutely love anything dramatic and suspensful, so when a good scary movie isn’t out, Happy Town can quench that thirst.

However… ABC canceled the show from their Wednesday night schedule after only two episodes. Good thing, though, that it will air again in the summer, starting Wed., June 2nd.

You can still catch the previously aired episodes (